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Visiting Scholar Program

Discover all you need to know in order to successfully apply to Stern as a Ph.D. Visiting Scholar.

The NYU Stern Visiting Scholar Program

Each year, the outstanding doctoral students from distinguished universities abroad are invited to engage in research and scholarly interaction at Stern for one or two semesters. Visiting Scholar Ph.D. students are provided with an NYU ID card, library and data access, and the opportunity to sit in on Ph.D. classes with the instructors’ permission.

Students will also benefit from participation in a wide range of seminars and from interaction with a large group of fellow doctoral students. A desk may be provided if one is available, but it is not guaranteed. Visiting Scholars are not provided with housing or housing services. Additionally, Visiting Scholars are not permitted to function as employees at NYU.

The Ph.D. Visiting Scholars program is intended for current Ph.D. students who are sufficiently proficient in their disciplines to engage in scholarly interaction that would benefit both Stern as well as the Visiting scholar. As such, applicants must be doctoral students who are near the end of their required coursework or in the dissertation phase.

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