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Ph.D. Voices

Alumni Perspectives

NYU Stern is proud of our alumni accomplishments. They represent diverse fields and contribute extensively to the life of our School and University.

Alumni Perspectives

The NYU Stern Ph.D. student body is dynamic and vibrant, and is made up of outstanding scholars with a curiosity and passion to begin meaningful careers in research and teaching.

Our alumni hold key academic positions in colleges and universities throughout the world, producing original research and leaving their own marks on the intellectual landscape. 

Hear what our students and alumni think about the NYU Stern Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Emory University

Vilma Todri, Ph.D. 2016

"Stern offered a rigorous curriculum and the ability to learn from renowned faculty, even those outside of my discipline. NYU Stern has strong connections with industry, enabling empirical researchers to gain access to great data sets and answer important questions.”
Assistant Professor, LSE

Jeffrey Thomas, Ph.D. 2017

"NYU’s Ph.D. program has a collegial culture among students and faculty. NYU also provides Ph.D. students with the freedom to explore multiple areas of research, and work with multiple faculty members who are experts in their fields."
Professor, Yale University

Bryan Kelly, Ph.D. 2010

“Ultimately, the quality of a PhD education is determined by the faculty. Stern has assembled one of the top faculties in the world, and they are committed to developing their students into the next generation of top researchers.”
Associate Professor, Tuck Dartmouth

Eesha Sharma, Ph.D. 2013

“I learned an incredible amount in my five years at Stern. I worked with the most amazing and supportive professors and colleagues, and I am so grateful for my academic family at Stern—my wonderful mentors and friends who continue to challenge, teach, and inspire me.”