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2021-2022 Job Market Candidates

The following candidates are currently on the job market. Please check back regularly for updates. For additional information on a specific candidate, we encourage you to contact their department directly.


Teodora Tomova Shakur

Ph.D. Candidate in Management and Organizations 
Advisors: L. Taylor Phillips (chair), Batia Wiesenfeld, Dolly Chugh, Lisa Leslie
Paper: "TIESS Motives: Using a Motives Framework to Understand Network Tie Favoritism at Work"

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Fanglin Chen

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing
Advisors: Xiao Liu (chair)  
Paper: "Product2Vec: Understanding Product-Level Competition Using Representation Learning"
Research Interests: Quantitative Modeling, Machine Learning, Big Data, Field Experiment, Digital Marketing

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Emily Powell

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing 
Advisors: Adam Alter (chair) 
Paper: "Routines Make People Unexpectedly Nostalgic"
Research Interests: Consumer Well-Being, Prosocial Behavior, Judgment and Decision Making 

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Johann Melzner

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing   
Advisors: Andrea Bonezzi (co-chair), Priya Raghubir (co-chair), Tom Meyvis, and Yaacov Trope
Paper: "Speaking in Private: Privacy Expectations Depend on Communication Modality"
Research Interests: Privacy, Psychology of Technology, Auditory Information Processing, Audio Branding, Music Cognition

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Manav Raj

Ph.D. Candidate in Management & Organizations  
Advisors: Rob Seamans (co-chair), Deepak Hegde (co-chair), JP Eggers, and Arun Sundararajan
Paper: "Friends in High Places: Demand Spillovers and Competition on Platform Markets"
Research Interests: Innovation, Digital Technology, Platforms, Competition, Non-Market Strategy

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Jiashuo Jiang

Ph.D. Candidate in Operations Management/Statistics  
Advisors: Jiawei Zhang, Will Ma
Paper: "Tight Guarantees for Multi-unit Prophet Inequalities and Online Stochastic Knapsack"
Research Interests: Online Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Revenue Management, Mechanism Design

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Shirley Bluvstein Netter

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing 
Advisors: Vicki Morwitz (Co-Chair), Priya Raghubir (Co-Chair)
Paper: “'Here is a Large Tip”: A Zero Opt-Out Increases Consumers’ Generosity"
Research Interests: Voluntary Payments, Experiential Marketing, Choice Architecture, Nudging, Prosocial Behavior, Behavioral Pricing, Artificial Intelligence

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German Gutierrez

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance 
Advisors: Luis Cabral (co-chair), Thomas Philippon (co-chair), Chris Conlon, Johannes Stroebel
Paper: “The Welfare Consequences of Regulating"
Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Banking

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Chenshuo Sun

Ph.D. Candidate in Information Systems 
Advisors: Anindya Ghose (chair)
Paper: TBD
Research Interests: Econometric Modeling, Machine Learning, Field Experiment

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Heeyoung Yoon

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing
Advisors: Tom Meyvis (chair)
Paper: "When You Think More Leads to Less: The Erroneous Belief That Mere Addition of Unattractive Items Will Decrease Consumption"
Research Interests: Consumer Behavior, Judgment and Decision Making, Consumption Experiences

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Kevin Lee

Ph.D. Candidate in Management and Organizations
Advisors: Beth Bechky (chair), Paul DiMaggio, Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, Damon Phillips
Paper: "Augmenting or Automating? Breathing Life into the Uncertain Promise of Artificial Intelligence"
Research Interests: Future of Work and Organizing, Technology and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Qualitative Methods

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