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2023-2024 Job Market Candidates

The following candidates are currently on the job market. Please check back regularly for updates. For additional information on a specific candidate, we encourage you to contact their department directly.
Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing

Eunkyung An

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing   
Advisors: Masakazu Ishihara (Co-Chair), Raluca Ursu (Co-Chair), Tulin Erdem, and Xiao Liu
Paper: "Habit Formation and Financial Rewards Through Digital Fitness"
Research Interests: Healthcare, Online/Mobile Consumer Behavior, Structural Model, Machine Learning

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Melanie Friedrichs

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics  
Advisors: Stan Zin (Chair), Venky Venkatswaran and Ricardo Lagos
Paper: "Inside Money, Employment, and the Nominal Rate"
Research Interests: Macro

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

François Miguet

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics   
Advisors: Venky Venkateswaran (Chair), Virgiliu Midrigan, and Simon Gilchrist
Paper: "Household Balance Sheets and Firm Dynamics"
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Finance, Firm Dynamics, Monetary Policy

Ph.D. Candidate in Management

Olivia Foster-Gimbel

Ph.D. Candidate in Management   
Advisors: Taylor Phillips
Paper: "Authentic Allyship? Feeling authentic increases allyship behavior via greater psychological standing."
Research Interests: Allyship, diversity, inequity, inclusion

Ph.D. Candidate in Operations (TOPS)

Ziran Liu

Ph.D. Candidate in Operations (TOPS)   
Advisors: Joshua Reed (Chair), Peter Lakner
Paper: "Reflected Brownian motion with drift in a wedge"
Research Interests: Probability theory and its applications (e.g. OR, Machine Learning/Deep
Learning, stochastic modeling, etc.); with differential geometry methods and their interactions and applications to probability theory.

Weiqing Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing   
Advisors: Masakazu Ishihara (Co-Chair)
Paper: "The Value of Content Inclusiveness: Evidence from a Social Media Platform"
Research Interests: Structural Models, Causal Inference, Natural Language Processing, Field
Experiments, Empirical IO

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting

Stephanie Dong

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting   
Advisors: Eli Bartov (Chair), Viral Acharya, Christine Cuny, Vivian Fang
Paper: "Strategic Disclosure of Recession Risk"
Research Interests: Disclosure, macroeconomic and firm risks, risk incentives, blockchain and fintech.

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Anuraag Aekka

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics   
Advisors: Venky Venkateswaran (Chair), Michael Waugh, Jess Benhabib
Paper: "Customers, Suppliers, and Firm Dynamics in India"
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Firm Dynamics, Development

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance

Julia Selgrad

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Alexi Savov (Chair), Robert Richmond,          Philipp Schnabl, Bruce Tuckman
Paper: "Testing the Portfolio Rebalancing Channel of Quantitative Easing"
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Monetary Policy, Macro-Finance

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance

Quinn Maingi

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Holger Mueller (Chair), Alexi Savov, Philipp Schnabl, Simone Lenzu, Daniel Waldinger
Paper: "Regional Banks, Aggregate Effects"
Research Interests: Financial Intermediation and Banking, Applied Macroeconomics, Spatial Economics, Industrial Organization, Climate Finance

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting

Shuqing Huang

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting  
Advisors: Ilan Guttman (Co-chair), April Klein (Co-chair), Chongho Kim, Xiaojing Meng
Paper: "The Effects of Mandatory Environmental Disclosures on Environmental Alliances"
Research Interests: Disclosures, Regulations, ESG, M&A