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2022-2023 Job Market Candidates

The following candidates are currently on the job market. Please check back regularly for updates. For additional information on a specific candidate, we encourage you to contact their department directly.

Stephen Michael Impink

Ph.D. Candidate in Management and Organizations (strategy)
Advisors: Rob Seamans (Chair), Deepak Hegde, Belen Villalonga, Melissa Schilling, Raffaella Sadun
Paper: "Outsourcing IT and Technological Differentiation"
Research Interests: Strategy, Digitization, Organization

Prasanna Parasurama

Ph.D. Candidate in Information Systems
Advisors: Anindya Ghose (Co-Chair) and Panos Ipeirotis (Co-Chair)
Paper: "Hiring with Algorithmic Fairness Constraints: Theory and Empirics"
Research Interests: Hiring, Algorithmic Bias and Fairness

Pan Li

Ph.D. Candidate in Information Systems 
Advisors: Alexander Tuzhilin (chair), Foster Provost, Anindya Ghose
Paper: "When Variety-Seeking Meets Unexpectedness: Incorporating Variety-Seeking Behavior into Design of Unexpected Recommender Systems"
Research Interests: Personalization, Recommender System, Business Analytics

Han Yan

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting   
Advisors: Stephen Ryan (Co-Chair), Viral Acharya (Co-Chair), Mary Billings, Ilan Guttman
Paper: "Bank Accounting Discretion Over the Business Cycle"
Research Interests: Banking, Climate Finance, Voluntary Disclosure, and Earnings Quality

Pietro Reggiani

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Johannes Stroebel (Chair), Robert Engle, Simone Lenzu
Paper: "Climate Change Expectations: Evidence from Earnings Forecasts"
Research Interests: Climate Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics, Behavioral Finance

Quirin Fleckenstein

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Viral Acharya (Chair), Anthony Saunders, Philipp Schnabl
Paper: "Intermediary Frictions and the Corporate Credit Cycle: The Case of CLOs"
Research Interests: Macro-Finance, Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance

Tony Cho

Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting   
Advisors: Yiwei Dou (Chair), Christine Cuny, Ilan Guttman, and April Klein
Paper: "Misrepresentation of Future Sustainability Performance"
Research Interests: Alternative Information, Voluntary Disclosure, Capital Market, Sustainability, Machine Learning

Katia Meggiorin

Ph.D. Candidate in Management   
Advisors: Robert Seamans (Chair), Gino Cattani, Sinziana Dorobantu, Arun Sundararajan
Paper: "Regulating the Sharing Economy: A Study of Unlawful Providers"
Research Interests: Digital Platforms & Society, Regulatory Uncertainty on Digital Platforms

Iris Yao

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Philipp Schnabl (Co-Chair), Arpit Gupta (Co-Chair), Johannes Stroebel
Paper: "Household Responses to Macroprudential Policy"
Research Interests: Consumer Finance, Macroprudential Policy, Corporate Finance
Samantha Zeller PhD

Samantha Zeller

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Viral Acharya (chair), Arpit Gupta, Theresa Kuchler, Michael Dickstein
Paper: "Effect of Increasing Healthcare Costs on Small Firms: Evidence from Private Equity Acquisitions of Hospitals"
Research Interests: Healthcare Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Corporate Finance

Franz Hinzen

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance   
Advisors: Kose John (Co-Chair), Anthony Saunders (Co-Chair), Thomas Philippon, Rangarajan Sundaram
Paper: "Nonbank Market Power in Leveraged Lending"
Research Interests: Financial Intermediation, Banking, Corporate Finance, FinTech, Blockchain Economics