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2020-2021 Job Market Candidates

The following candidates are currently on the job market. Please check back regularly for updates. For additional information on a specific candidate, we encourage you to contact their department directly.

Daniel Sands

Daniel Sands

Ph.D. Candidate in Management and Organizations 
Advisors: Gino Cattani (chair), Adam Brandenburger, Paul DiMaggio, Joseph Porac, and Robert Seamans 
Paper: "Why Receiving a Michelin Star may not be a Good Thing: The Role of Third Parties in Value Creation and Capture"
Research Interests: Strategy and Organization Theory 

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Shixin Wang

Ph.D. Candidate in Operations Management  
Advisors: Jiawei Zhang   
Paper: "Achieving High Individual Service-Levels without Safety Stock? Optimal Rationing Policy of Pooled Resources"
Research Interests: Robust Optimization, Online Optimization with their applications in Resource Allocation, Process Flexibility and Mechanism Design

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Carlos Fernández-Loría

Ph.D. Candidate in Information Systems   
Advisors: Foster Provost (chair), Anindya Ghose, Jennifer Hill  
Paper: "Observational vs. Experimental Data When Making Automated Decisions Using Machine Learning"
Research Interests: Causal Inference, Data Science, Machine Learning

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Nicholas Garcia

Ph.D. Candidate in Information Systems   
Advisors: Natalia Levina 
Paper: TBD
Research Interests: Design and Development of Information Systems, Processing Studies in Strategy, Science and Technology Studies, Blockchain, Data Science and AI, Computational Methods for Social Science

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Hyeyoon Jung

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance  
Advisors: Robert Engle (Co-Chair), Philipp Schnabl (Co-Chair), Joel Hasbrouck, Ralph Koijen, Alexi Savov
Paper: "The Real Consequences of Macroprudential FX Regulations"
Research Interests: Financial Intermediation, International Finance, Asset Pricing

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Hae-Kang Lee

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance 
Advisors: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh (Co-Chair), Ralph Koijen, Arpit Gupta (Co-Chair), Alexi Savov, Menachem Brenner
Paper: "Estimating the Net Benefit of Customer Health Engagement Programs to Life Insurers"
Research Interests: Insurance, Asset Pricing, Household Finance, Health Financial Economics

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Jingyuan Mo

Ph.D. Candidate in Finance
Advisors: Marti G. Subrahmanyam (Chair), Raghu K. Sundaram, Robert F. Engle, Anthony Saunders, Zhiguo He
Paper: "A Theoretical Model of Cross-market Arbitrage"
Research Interests: Theoretical Asset Pricing, Empirical Asset Pricing, Chinese Financial Markets

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