Marketing Seminar Series: 2005-2021

Listed below is information on past Marketing Research Seminar Series.
Fall 2021
Speaker Date Title
Madhav Kumar
10/05/21 Scalable bundling via dense product embeddings
Samuel Goldberg
10/08/21 Designing Monitoring Programs
Michael Kurish (Wharton) 10/12/21 Does the Oine Environment Impact Online News
Browsing: Evidence from Migration
Isamar Troncoso (USC) 10/15/21 Look the Part? The Role of Profile Pictures
in Online Labor Markets
Runshan Fu (Carnegie Mellon) 10/19/21 How Does Zestimate Affect Housing Market Outcomes Across
Socio-economic Segments?
Hortense Fong (Yale) 10/26/21 A Theory-Based Interpretable
Deep Learning Architecture for Music Emotion
Yu Ding (Columbia) 11/02/21 Fact-Checking Matters:A Novel Crowdsourcing Approach for Improving the Information Ecosystem
Ike Silver (Wharton) 11/05/21 Self-Censorship and the Strategic Omission of Facts from Coummincation 
Chang-Yuan Lee (Boston University) 11/09/21 Noise Increases Anchoring Effects
Spring 2021 (virtual)
Speaker Date Title
Dan Schley
02/05/21 How Categorization Shapes the Probability Weighting Function
Wes Hartmann
03/26/21 Valuing the Computing Intelligence of Technology
Doug Chung (HBS) 04/02/21 The Comprehensive Effects of Sales Force Management:
A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Selection, Compensation, and Training
Anthony Dukes (USC) 04/09/21 Advertising Content and Viewer Attention: The Role of Ad Formats
Duncan Simester (MIT) 04/23/21 Price Frictions, Product Assortments, and the Success of New Products
Stephanie Chen (LBS) 04/30/21 We Do What We Are: Representation of the Self-Concept and Identity-Based Choice

Fall 2020 (virtual)
Speaker Date Title
Wendy De La Rosa
09-02-20 The Impact of Payment Frequency on Subjective Wealth Perceptions and Discretionary Spending
Sanjog Misra
09/18/20 Deep Architectures for Individual Heterogeneity
Scott Kaplan (Berkeley) 10/16/20 Entertainment Utility from Skill and Thrill
Bart Bronnenberg (Tillburg) 10/23/20 Gains from Convenience and the Value of E-commerce
Simona Botti (London) 11/06/20 Control and information: What is the value of knowing an undesirable, unavoidable future?
Scott Neslin (Dartmouth) 11/13/20 The Role of the Physical Store: Developing Customer Value through “Deep Product” Purchases
Eduardo Andrade (EBAPE) 11/20/20 Your Need Doesn’t Appeal to Me: How Social Class Shapes Donation Allocation Preferences
Aviv Nevo (Wharton) 12/04/20 The Tragedy of the Last Mile: Economic Solutions to
Congestion in Broadband Networks

Spring 2020
Speaker Date Title
Olivier Toubia 
02/07/20 Quantifying the Shape of Narratives
Dokyun Lee
(Carnegie Mellon)
03/06/20 Focused Concept Miner (FCM): Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration

Fall 2019
Speaker Date Title
Tommaso Bondi 
(NYU Stern)
Marti Subrahmanyam & Matthias Pelster 
(NYU Stern)
9/20/2019 Attention Triggers and Retial Investors' Trading Behavior
Buffy Mosley (Emory) 9/27/2019 The Effects of Facial and Text-Based Emotions on Social Media Engagement
Yewon Kim (Chicago) 10/4/2019 Customer Retention Under Imperfect Information
Dinara Akchurina 
10/8/2019 Study Before Play: Pairing Educational and Entertaining Content to Align Usage and Purchase Decisions
Josh Lewis (Wharton) 10/15/2019 Prospective Outcome Bias: Incurring (Unnecessary) Costs to Achieve Outcomes That Are Already Likely
Aaron Barnes 
(University of Illinois)
10/25/2019 Deny the Voice Inside: Accessible Preferences Can Impair Choice and Reduce Word of Mouth in Interdependent Contexts
Ilya Morozov 
11/1/2019 Measuring Benefits from New Products in Markets with Information Frictions
Travis Oh (Columbia) 11/8/2019 The Liberating Engagement Theory of Consumer Fun
Irene Scopelliti 
(Cass Business School)
11/12/2019 Debiasing Decision Making through Observational Learning

Spring 2019
Speaker Date Title
Amin Sayedi 
(University of  Washington)   
2/1/2019 Private and Open Exchanges in Display Advertising                             
Georgios Zervas 
(Boston University)
2/8/2019 The Welfare Impact of Consumer Reviews: A Case Study of the Hotel Industry
Bart de Langhe 
(ESADE/University of  Colorado-Boulder)
2/15/2019 Rethinking Scope Sensitivity
Dean Eckles (MIT) 2/22/2019 Stochastic Seeding Strategies in Networks
Stephan Seiler 
3/1/2019 The Impact of Soda Taxes: Pass-through, Tax Avoidance, and Nutritional Effects
Phil Fernbach 
(University of Colorado-Boulder)
3/29/2019 Psychology of Anti-Science Beliefs
Diana Tamir 
4/5/2019 Making Predictions in the Social World
Abigail Sussman 
4/26/2019 Does Knowing Your FICO Score Change Financial Behavior? Evidence from a Field Experiment with Student Loan Borrowers
Andrea Morales 
(Arizona State University)
5/3/2019 The Pleasure and Pain of Paying: Understanding How Payment Aesthetics Shape the Purchase Experience

Fall 2018
Speaker Date Title
Johannes Stroebel 
(NYU Stern)
10/5/2018 Peer Effects in Product Adoption
A. Yesim Orhun 
(University of Michigan)
10/12/2018 Reaching for Gold: Consumer Choices, Status Incentives and Moral Hazard in the Airline Industry
Bryan Bollinger (Duke) 10/25/2018 Green Technology Adoption: An Empirical Study of the Southern California Garment Cleaning Industry
John Roberts 
(UNSW Sydney)
11/27/2018 A Research Agenda for Studying the Role of Emotions in Choice Models
Shai Davidai 
(The New School for Social Research)

Spring 2018
Speaker Date Title
Lawrence Williams 
(University of Colorado-            Boulder)
2/23/2018 The Nature of Meaningful Consumption
Andrey Simonov 
4/13/2018 What Drives Demand for Government-Controlled News in Russia?
Adriana Samper 
(Arizona State University)
4/20/2018 Suited for Retail: The Influence of Consumer Attire on Purchase Decisions
Paulo Albuquerque 
4/27/2018 Work Before Play: A Structural Model of Time Allocation with Conditional Product Usage

Fall 2017
Speaker Date Title
Jon Freeman 
(NYU, Psychology)
9/8/2017 More than Meets the Eye: Split-Second Social Perception
Xueming Luo 
9/12/2017 Targeting and Retargeting Experimentation and Machine Learning: Mobile Big Data Analytics
Mina Ameri 
(University of Texas at Dallas)
9/22/2017 A Structural Model of Network Dynamics: Tie Formation, Product Adoption, and Content Generation
Foster Provost 
(NYU Stern)
9/29/2017 Issues and Opportunities when Targeting Advertising with Ultra-Fine-Grained Data on Consumer Behavior
Robert Mislavsky 
10/6/2017 When Risk is Weird: Unexplained Transaction Features Lower Valuations
Ryan Dew (Columbia) 10/13/2017 Bayesian Nonparametric Customer Base Analysis with Model-based Visualizations
Xinyu Cao (MIT) 10/20/2017 Prelaunch Demand Estimation
Franklin Shaddy 
11/3/2017 Seller Beware: How Bundling Affects Valuation
Jared Watson 
(University of Maryland)
11/7/2017 Swayed by the Numbers: The Consequences of Displaying Product Review Attributes
Amit Bhattacharjee 

Spring 2017
Speaker Date Title
Joachim Vosgerau (Bocconi University) 2/13/2017     
Carl Mela (Duke) 2/24/2017 TV Viewing and Advertising Targeting
Eileen Fischer 
(York University)
3/24/2017 The Consequences of Intense Co-Creation for Entrepreneurial Firms
Navdeep Sahni 
3/31/2017 Does Advertising Serve as a Signal? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mobile Search
Rebecca Hamilton
(Georgetown University)
4/7/2017 Learning that You Can't Always Get What You Want: The Effect of Childhood Socioeconomic Status on Decision Making Resilience
Avi Goldfarb 
4/21/2017 Exit, Tweets, and Loyalty
Anuj Shah 
5/5/2017 Deciding Who Gets What, Fairly

Fall 2016
Speaker Date Title
Sanjay Sood 
9/16/2016 The Endowment Effect for Experiences vs. Products: The Role of Narrative Processing
Joel Waldfogel 
(University of Minnesota)
9/23/2016 Quality Predictability and the Welfare Benefits from New Products: Evidence from the Digitization of Recorded Music
LI Shrum 
(HEC Paris)
10/24/2016 Television's Persuasive Narratives: How Television Influences Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs

Spring 2015
Speaker Date Title
Zsolt Katona (Berkeley) 2/10/2015 Competing for Influencers in a Social Network
Yuxin Chen
(NYU, Shanghai)
2/17/2015 Sequential Search with Refinement: Model and Application with Click-stream Data
Brett Gordon
3/10/2015 Advertising Competition in Presidential Elections
Gita Johar
4/1/2015 Egocentric Categorization: Products as Self Standards
Tom Gilovich
(Cornell University)
4/17/2015 We’ll Always Have Paris: The Hedonic Return on Experiential and Material Consumption

Fall 2014
Speaker Date Title
Stephen Anderson-MacDonald (London Business School) 10/3/2014 The Impact of Marketing (versus Finance) Skills on Firm Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in South Africa
Minah Jung(Berkeley) 10/7/2014 Selfish and Kind: An Examination of Consumer Elective Pricing
Ioannis Evangelidis (Erasmus) 10/14/2014 Preference Construction Under Prominence
Yann Cornil (INSEAD) 10/17/2014 Pleasure as a Substitute for Size: How Sensory  Imagery can make People Happier with Smaller Food Portions
Silvia Bellezza
(Harvard Business School)
10/21/2014 Symbolic Consumption and Alternative Signals of Status
Yufeng Huang 
(Tilburg University)
10/28/2014 Learning By Doing and the Demand for Advanced Products
Jeffrey Cai (Wharton) 10/31/2014 Silent or Salient? Perks and Perils of Performance Posting
Xiao Liu (Carnegie Mellon) 11/13/2014 Overhaul Overdraft Fees: Creating Pricing and Product Design Strategies with Big Data

Spring 2014
Speaker Date Title
Ilana Ritov
(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
2/6/2014 Affirmative Action and other Group Tradeoff Policies: Identifiability of those adversely affected; & Know who you’re up against: Counterpart identifiability enhances competitive behavior
Juanjuan Zhang (MIT) 2/14/2014 Policy and Inference: The Case of Product Labeling
Kathleen Vohs
(University of Minnesota)
2/21/2014 Physical Order Produces Healthy Choices,Generosity, and Conventionality, Whereas Disorder Produces Creativity
Olivier Toubia (Columbia) 2/28/2014 Idea Generation, Creativity, and Prototypicality
Yaniv Dover
3/28/2014 Promotional Reviews: An Empirical Investigation of Online Review Manipulation
F.G.M. (Rik) Pieters
(Tilburg University)
4/8/2014 Upfront, Mystery, and False Front Advertising: Why Their Effects on Consumer Evaluation Depend on Exposure Duration
Daniel Egan
4/9/2014 Website Design: Data-Based Decisions
Tymoteusz Doligalski
(Warsaw School of Economics)
4/11/2014 Customer Value Management and E-Business: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches
Chris Hsee (Chicago) 4/23/2014 Emotional Neglect in Compensation

Fall 2013
Speaker Date Title
Bernd Skiera
(University of Frankfurt, Germany)
9/20/2013  A Model to Determine an Optimal Shipping Fee Policy
Nina Mazar
10/1/2013 Probabilistic Purchasing: When Retailing and Las Vegas Meet
Jonathan Berman
(University of Pennsylvania)
10/10/2013 Self-Interest and Selfishness in Consumer Decision Making
Eva Buechel
(University of Miami)
Taly Reich (Stanford) 10/17/2013 The Upside of Evaluative Inconsistency
Avery Haviv
10/22/2013 Does Purchase Without Explain Counter Cyclic Pricing?
David Muir
(University of Pennsylvania)
10/24/2013 Price Obfuscation and Consumer Search: An Empirical Analysis
Ron Berman
10/31/2013 Beyond the Last Touch: Attribution in Online Advertising
Arvind Rangaswamy (Penn State) 11/7/2013 Organizational Adoption and Diffusion of an Online Channel: The Effects of Competition and Legitimation

Spring 2013
Speaker Date Title
Jay Russo (Cornell 1/25/2013 The Goal of Cognitive Consistency
Fred Feinberg (Michigan) 2/1/2013 Modeling Scale Attraction Effects
Klaus Wertenbroch (INSEAD) 2/8/2013 Conspicuous Consumption Reflects How Redistribution Influences Perceived Social Justice
Geoffrey Miller (Univ. of New Mexico) 2/22/2013 Sex, Mutations, and Marketing
Michael Grubb (MIT) 3/13/2013 Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock

Fall 2012
Speaker Date Title
Cassie Mogilner (Wharton) 10/1/2012 How Happiness Affects Choice / Eternal Quest for the Best
Michael Cohen (NYU Stern) 10/2/2012 Corporate Social Responsbility for Kids' Sake
Jennifer Cutler (Duke) 10/11/2012 The Advantages of Underestimating the Competition
Eric Schwartz (Wharton) 10/19/2012 Bandit's Paradise: Customer Acquisition Through Online   Display Advertising
Abby Sussman (Princeton) 10/25/2012 On Assets and Debt in the Psychology of Perceived Wealth
Amitava Chattopadhyay (INSEAD) 11/30/2012 The Pleasure and Sin of Darkness

Spring 2012
Speaker Date Title
Joe Alba (Univ of Florida) 2/29/2012 When Less Is More: Consumer Aversion to Unused Utility
Michael Cohen (NYU Stern) 3/6/2012 The Uses of Voluntary Marketing Initiatives to Reduce Childhood Obesity
Gary Lilien (Penn State) 3/20/2012 Performance Implications of Deploying Marketing Analytics
Sridhar Moorthy (Univ of Toronto) 3/28/2012 Can Brand Extension Signal Product Quality?
Juliano Laran (Univ of Miami) 4/11/2012 Choosing Your Future
Bart Bronnenberg (Tillburg) 4/16/2012 Convenience, Demand, and Marketing
Ron Shachar (IDC) 4/18/2012 Advertising and Consumers' Communications
Itamar Simonson (Stanford) 4/25/2012 Emerging Influences on Consumer Preferences

Fall 2011
Speaker Date Title
Daria Dzyabura (MIT) 10/3/2011 Active Machine Learning for Consideration Heuristics
Kaifu Zhang (INSEAD) 10/12/2011 Social Media Competition: Differentiation with User-Generated Content
Amin Sayedi (Carnegie Mellon) 10/20/2011 Competitive Poaching in Sponsored Search Advertising and Strategic Impact on Traditional Advertising
Doug Chung (Yale) 10/31/2011 Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans
Andrea Bonezzi (Northwestern) 11/8/2011 Stuck in the Middle: The Psychophysics of Goal Pursuit
Pinar Yildirim (Pittsburgh) 11/9/2011 User-Generated Content in News Media

Spring 2011
Speaker Date Title
Eric Bradlow (Wharton) 2/4/2011 Multi-Platform Tournament Audience Forecasting
Krishna Savani (Columbia) 2/18/2011 Cognitive Inertia in Choice Bracketing: Construing Actions as Choices
Sungjoon Nam (Rutgers) 3/4/2011 Demystifying the Bass Diffusion Model: The Hidden Role of Distribution
Danny Oppenheimer (Princeton) 3/25/2011 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Scope: Latent Scope Bias in Reasoning
Josh Ackerman (MIT Sloan) 4/8/2011 Incidental Haptic Sensations Influence Social Judgments and Decisions

Fall 2010
Speaker Date Title
Masakazu Ishihara (Toronto) 9/17/2010 Dynamic Demand for New and Used Durable Goods without Physical Depreciation: The Case of Japanese Video Games
Bryan Bollinger (Stanford) 9/24/2010 Green Technology Adoption: An Empirical Study of the Southern California Garment Cleaning Industry
Rom Schrift (Columbia) 9/29/2010 Complicating Choice
Scott Shriver (Stanford) 10/1/2010 Network Effects in Alternative Fuel Adoption: Empirical Analysis of the Market for Ethanol
Keisha Cutright (Duke) 10/4/2010 The Beauty of Boundaries: When and Why We Seek Structure in Consumption
Elisabeth Honka (Chicago) 10/15/2010 Quantifying Search and Switching Costs in the U.S. Auto Insurance Industry
Bart De Langhe (Erasmus) 10/20/2010 Price as a Cue for Quality: Cue-Outcome Learning under Homo- and Heteroscedastic Uncertainty
Liye Ma (Carnegie Mellon) 10/22/2010 A Dynamic Competitive Analysis of Content Production and Link Formation of Internet Content Developers
Hal Ersner-Hershfield (Stanford/Kellogg Post-Doc) 10/27/2010 Increasing Saving Behavior Through Age-Progressed Renderings of The Future Self
Pedro Gardete (Berkeley) 10/29/2010 The Role of Market Information in the Dynamics of a Capital-Intensive: Industry: The Case of DRAM Manufacturing

Spring 2010
Speaker Date Title
Wendy Liu (UCLA) 2/5/2010 The Grapes of Wrath: The Implicit Emotional Consequences of Being Virtuous
Art Markman (UT Austin) 2/12/2010 Regulatory fit effects in a choice task
Raghu Iyengar (Wharton) 2/19/2010 Social Contagion in New Product Diffusion: Network Structure vs Mere Geography
Young-Hoon Park (Cornell) 3/8/2010 Position Competition in Sponsored Search Advertising
Michaela Draganska (Stanford) 3/18/2010 Choice Set Heterogeneity and the Role of Advertising: An Analysis with Micro and Macro Data
Yeşim Orhun (Chicago) 3/22/2010 Systematic Differences in Beliefs about Others in Strategic Interactions
Brett Gordon (Columbia) 3/25/2010 Are Recessions Opportunities? Business cycle variation in price sensitivity and brand switching across categories
Raphael Thomadsen (UCLA) 4/7/2010 Seeking an Aggressive Competitor: How Product Line Expansion Can Increase All Firms' Profits
Page Moreau (Colorado) 4/9/2010 For You or For Me? How the Intended Recipient Influences the Customization Experience and Valuations of Customized Products
Andrew Ching (Toronto) 4/30/2010 Measuring the Informative and Persuasive Roles of Detailing on Prescribing Decisions
Nina Mazar (Toronto) 5/18/2010 Escalation and Balancing of Social and Moral Acts
Nina Mazar (Toronto) 5/18/2010 Escalation and Balancing of Social and Moral Acts

Fall 2009
Speaker Date Title
Peter Zubcsek (INSEAD 10/7/2009 Direct Marketing on a Social Network
Aner Sela (Stanford 10/9/2009 Crossing the Efficiency Frontier: The Role of Unintended Outcomes in Consumers' Responses to Marketing offers
Dan Bartels (Chicago) 10/13/2009 The Role of Connectedness to the Future Self in Intertemporal Choice
Eva Ascarza (LBS) 10/15/2009 Modeling Churn and Usage Behavior in Contractual Settings
Vineet Kumar (Carnegie Mellon) 10/19/2009 Why Do Consumers Contribute to Connected Goods? A Dynamic Game of Competition and Cooperation in Social Networks
Matthew Osborne (Dept of Commerce) 10/21/2009 Consumer Stockpiling Behavior, Price Sensitivity and Its Implications for Price Elasticities and Consumer Welfare 
Blake McShane (Wharton) 10/28/2009 Multivariate Visual Diffusion for Social Groups
Jian Ni (Carnegie Mellon) 10/30/2009 A Dynamic Model of Health Care Consumption and Health Insurance Purchase

Spring 2009
Speaker Date Title
David Godes (Harvard Business School) 2/5/2009 References
Renana Peres (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 2/27/2009 The Role of Within-Brand and Cross-Brand Communications in Competitive Growth
Sanjog Misra (Rochester) 3/26/2009 Quota Dynamics and the Intertemporal Allocation of Sales-Force Effort
Oded Netzer (Columbia) 4/2/2009 Dynamic Marketing Resource Allocation for Long-Term Profitability: A Pharmaceutical Application
Baohong Sun (Carnegie Mellon) 4/16/2009 Learning and Acting Upon Customer Information: An Empirical Application to Service Allocations with Offshore Centers
Katherine Burson (Michigan) 4/30/2009 Providing Multiple Units of a Good Attenuates the Endowment Effect

Fall 2008
Speaker Date Title
Song Yao (Duke) 10/3/2008 A Dynamic Model of Sponsored Search Advertising Preliminary and Incomplete
Andrew Stephen (Columbia) 10/7/2008 Deriving Value from Social Commerce Networks
Adam Alter (Princeton) 10/16/2008 Easy on the Mind; Hard on the Mind: The Effects of Fluency on Elaboration, Construal, and Valuation
Kelly Goldsmith (Yale) 10/17/2008 Ironic Effects of Goal Activation on Choice
Hema Yoganarasimhan (Yale) 10/20/2008 Cloak or Flaunt?-The Firm's Fashion Dilemma
Cassie Mogilner (Stanford) 11/3/2008 The "Time vs. Money Effect": Shifting Product Attitudes through Personal Connection
Kanishka Misra (Northwestern) 11/7/2008 Understanding Retail Assortments in Competitive Markets
Renna Jiang (Chicago) 11/10/2008 Structural Estimation of a Moral Hazard Model: An Application to Business Selling
Daniel Goldstein (LBS) 11/19/2008 Choosing Outcomes versus Choosing Products: Consumer-Focused Retirement Investment Advice
Darren Dahl (British Columbia, Vancouver) 12/1/2008 n/a

Spring 2008
Speaker Date Title
Srinivasaraghavan Sriram 2/15/2008 Investigating Consumer Adoption of Related Technology
Renna Jiang (Chicago) 3/14/2008 Information, Learning, and Drug Diffusion: the Case of Cox-2 Inhibitors
Simona Botti (LBS) 3/28/2008 Tragic Choices: Autonomy and Emotional Responses to Life-Altering Decisions
Pradeep Chintagunta (Chicago) 4/11/2008 The Effects of Service Quality and Word of Mouth on Customer Acquisition, Retention and Usage

Fall 2007
Speaker Date Title
Sam Hui (Pennsylvania) 9/17/2007 Analysis of Path Data in Marketing with Applications to Grocery Shopping
Zsolt Katona (INSEAD) 9/21/2007 Buying and Selling Traffic: The Internet as an Advertising Medium
Hilke Plassmann (Caltech) 9/24/2007 Can Marketing Actions Influence "True" Consumption Utility? Insights from Decision Neuroscience
Qiaowei Shen (California) 10/1/2007 Industry Evolution with Endogenous Entry and Exit
Maria Ana Vitorino (Chicago) 10/5/2007 Empirical Games with Complementarities: An Application to the Shopping Center Industry
Amy Dalton (Duke) 10/11/2007 Coping in the Material World: Using Objects to Repair and Protect Self-Worth
Ray Weaver (MIT) 10/19/2007 Driving a Fair Bargain: The Role of Transaction (Dis)utility in Evaluation Disparities
Jason Riis (NYU Visitor) 10/22/2007 Preferences for Psychological Enhancements: The Reluctance to Enhance Fundamental Traits

Spring 2007
Speaker Date Title
Gita Johar (Columbia) 2/9/2007 Product Crisis and Babyfaces: The Fact of a Company Affects Consumer Judgments
Andrew Ainslie (UCLA) 2/16/2007 A Choice Model to Measure Brand Equity
Aradhna Krishna (Michigan) 3/9/2007 Cause Marketing: Noble or Insidious? Spillover Effects of Cause-Related Products in a Product Portfolio
Rajesh Chandy (Minnesota) 3/30/2007 Managing the Future: CEO Attention and Innovation Outcomes
Shane Frederick (MIT) 4/13/2007 Cognitive Reflection and Decision Making
Peter McGraw (Colorado) 4/16/2007 Loss Aversion is Comparative
Chris Hsee (Chicago) 4/27/2007 Value and Experience
Various Speakers 5/11/2007 Marketing Department Summer Research Camp

Fall 2006
Speaker Date Title
Luis Cabral (NYU Stern Economics) 9/22/2006 A Theory of Price Signalling and Diffusion
Amitava Chattopadhyay (INSEAD) 10/3/2006 Persuasion via Associative Mechanisms: Are we in Control?
Dan Ariely (MIT/Princeton) 10/13/2006 Expectations and Experience: Beer, Vinegar and Painkillers
Craig Fox (UCLA) 10/20/2006 From the Brain to the Lab to the Field: Studies of Constructed Preferences
Shuba Srinivasan (UC-Riverside) 11/3/2006 How do Marketing Investments Benefit Brand Revenue Premiums?
David Dunning (Cornell) 11/17/2006 Why We Trust: Evidence from Economic Games
Jean-Pierre Dube (Chicago) 12/12/2006 Category Pricing with State Dependent Utility

Spring 2006
Speaker Date Title
Carey Morewedge (Harvard) 2/17/2006 Why Alternatives Do Not Matter
Yaacov Trope (NYU) 2/24/2006 Transcending the Now: Time as a Dimension of Psychological Distance
Koen Pauwels (Dartmouth) 3/10/2006 From Clicks to Bricks: The Long Term Revenue Impact of Opening Physical Stores
Barbara Mellers (Berkeley) 3/24/2006 Why do People Cooperate? A Psychological Framework from Emotions to Choice
Ayelet Fishbach (Chicago) 4/7/2006 Goals as Excuses versus Guides: Dynamics of Goal-Based Choice
Duncan Simester (MIT) 4/14/2006 Measuring and Optimizing the Long-Run Impact of Marketing Actions
Kamel Jedidi (Columbia) 4/21/2006 Optimal Multi-Tiered Pricing of Products and Services: A Structural Conjoint Approach
Various Speakers 6/23/2006 Marketing Department Summer Research Camp

Fall 2005
Speaker Date Title
Tulin Erdem (Berkeley) 9/15/2005 Learning about Computers: An Analysis of Information Search and Technology Choice
Wendy Liu (Stanford) 10/7/2005 Take It or Leave It? Preference Testing Effects in the Consumers' Decision to Purchase
Juanjuan Zhang (Berkeley) 10/14/2005 The Sound of Silence
David Faro (Chicago) 10/17/2005 Causal Time Compression: The Influence of Causal Beliefs on Judgments of Elapsed Time
Jackie Luan (Yale) 10/21/2005 Optimal Inter-Release Timing for Sequential Releases
Leonard Lee (MIT) 10/28/2005 Shopping Goals and Conditional Promotions
Yesim Orhun (Berkeley) 10/31/2005 Optimal Product Line Design With Choice Set Dependent Differences
Eduardo Andrade 11/2/2005 On the Consumption of Negative Feelings

Spring 2005
Speaker Date Title
Sherif Nasser & Pragya Mathur (NYU) 3/23/2005 n/a
Dina Mayzlin (Yale) 3/25/2005 Firm Created Word-of-Mouth Communication: A Field-Based Quasi-Experiment
John Liechty (Penn State) 3/29/2005 The Optimal Sequence of Questions for Aiding Consumer Decision
Asim Ansari (Columbia) 4/8/2005 Structural Choice Models for Memory and Recognition
Pierre Chandon (INSEAD) 4/15/2005 Obesity and Consumption Underestimation Bias
John Zhang (Pennsylvania) 4/29/2005 Fairness and Channel Coordination
Ravi Dhar (Yale) 5/2/2005 Choice in Sequence: The Momentum & Licensing Effect
Anne Laure Sellier (NYU) 5/12/2005 A Weakness Can't Always Be Turned into a Strength: Boundaries of Dual Matching and Mismatching Effects
Various speakers 5/20-21/2005 Marketing Department Summer Research Camp