CBS Media Analytics Initiative

The CBS Media Analytics Initiative, conducted in collaboration with CBS Corporation, will combine the analytical skills of NYU faculty with data access from CBS to advance cross-media research with industry and academic contribution.
New York University and CBS Corporation announce the NYU Stern/CBS Media Analytics Initiative, a new program designed to advance cross-media research by providing a wider understanding of the nature of the interactions between television and other media platforms and how they influence consumer exposure and behavior. The initiative, which will be housed in the marketing department of NYU’s Stern School of Business, will combine the analytical skills of NYU faculty with data access from CBS. 
As part of this unique partnership, CBS will encourage research proposals from Stern faculty in order to access proprietary data. In addition, the Network will make the CBS Television City Research Center in Las Vegas available for further studies.   

“We are glad to partner with CBS on this exciting research initiative,” said Henry Assael, professor of marketing at NYU Stern, whose efforts in conjunction with CBS led to the establishment of the initiative. “As cross-platform exposure to television shows has increased, ‘watching TV’ has taken on a whole new meaning that has important implications for the media industry and our society that are worthy of serious research. Working with CBS, which has made the study of this issue a priority, gives NYU Stern scholars access to information with great potential for important and compelling research findings. We look forward to announcing more specifics on joint projects in the near future.”
“CBS continues to work with advertisers to provide them with research and intelligence that allows them to employ television and digital media to their full potential,” said David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation, and President, CBS Vision. “Joining forces with NYU Stern on this initiative will allow us to draw on the expertise of this esteemed institution and will enable us to deliver breakthrough research that is beneficial to our advertising clients.”