78th Meeting Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy

"Robust Macroeconomic Policy"

Conference Papers:
  • "The Price of Fiscal Uncertainty"
    Max Croce and Lukas Schmid
    Discussant: Tasos Karantounias

  • "Robust Ramsey Problems"
    Lars Hansen and Tom Sargent
    Discussant: Sevin Yeltekin

  • "Monetary Policy under Financial Uncertainty"
    Noah Williams
    Discussant: Chris Sims

  • "Robust Optimal Monetary Policy in a Microfounded Model"
    Klaus Adam and Mike Woodford
    Discussant: Pierpaolo Benigno

  • "Capital Flows in Times of Crisis: Flight to Quality or Flight from Uncertainty?"
    Anna Orlik
    Discussant: Itamar Drechsler

  • "Robust Policymaking in the Face of Sudden Stops"
    Eric Young
    Discussant: Cristina Arellano