Carnegie Rochester NYU Conference on Public Policy

"On the Border of International Cooperation"


“On the Heterogeneous Welfare Gains and Losses from Trade”
Authors: Daniel Carroll (FRB Cleveland), Sewon Hur (FRB Cleveland)
Discussant: Jessie Handbury (University of Pennsylvania)

“Foreign Lobbying and International Agreements” Author: Giovanni Maggi, Yale University
Discussant: Robert Staiger (Dartmouth College)

“The Economic Effects of Trade Policy Uncertainty”
Authors: Dario Caldara (Federal Reserve Board), Matteo Iacoviello (Federal Reserve Board), Patrick Molligo (Federal Reserve Board), Andrea Prestipino (Federal Reserve Board), Andrea Raffo (Federal Reserve Board)
Discussant: Joseph Steinberg (University of Toronto)

“Optimal Trade Policy with Trade Imbalances”
Authors: Mostafa Beshkar (Indiana University), Ali Shourideh (Carnegie Mellon University)
Discussant: Alessandro Dovis (University of Pennsylvania)

“Intellectual Property, Tariffs, and International Trade Dynamics”
Authors: Federico Mandelman (FRB Atlanta), Andrea Waddle (University of Richmond)
Discussant: Wolfgang Keller (University of Colorado)

“Political Structure and Its Discontents in a Globalized World”
Authors: Gino Gancia (CREI and QMUL), Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto (CREI), Jaume Ventura (CREI)
Discussant: Alex Monge-Naranjo (FRB St. Louis)