88th Meeting Carnegie Rochester NYU Conference on Public Policy

"The Macroeconomics of Liquidity in Capital Markets and the Corporate Sector"
November 11-12, 2016


The Global Rise of Corporate Saving
Authors: Peter Chen, Loukas Karabarbounis and Brent Neiman
Discussant: Andrea Eisfeldt 

Bank Liabilities Channel  
Author: Vincenzo Quadrini
Discussant: Egon Zakrajsek 

Network Reactions to Banking Regulations  
Authors: Selman Erol and Guillermo Ordonez
Discussant: Maryam Farboodi 

Liquidity Regulation, Extended Repo, and the Real Economy
Author: Franklin Allen and Douglas Gale
Discussant: Douglas Diamond 

Redemption Risk and Procyclical Cash Hoarding by Asset Managers  
Authors: Stephen Morris, Ilhyock Shim and Hyun Song Shin  
Discussant: Itay Goldstein  

Dealer Balance Sheets and Bond Liquidity Provision
Authors: Tobias Adrian, Nina Boyarchenko and Or Shachar
Discussant: Marco Di Maggio