90th Meeting Carnegie Rochester Conference on Public Policy

"The Consequences of Transformative Technical Progress for the Macroeconomy"
November 10-11, 2017


Computerizing Industries and Routinizing Jobs: Explaining Trends in  Aggregate Productivity
Authors: Sangmin Aum, Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee, Yongseok Shin
Discussant: Matthias Kehrig 

Short-Run Pain, Long-Run Gain? Recessions and Technological Transformation  
Author: Alexandr Kopytov, Nikolai Roussanov and Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouche
Discussant: Henry Siu 

New Technologies and the Labor Market  
Authors: Enghin Atalay, Phai Phongthiengtham, Sebastian Sotelo and  Daniel Tannenbaum
Discussant: Brad Hershbein 

Big and Bigger: Big Data in Finance and the Growth of Large Firms
Author: Juliane Begenau, Maryam Farboodi and Laura Veldkamp
Discussant: Bryan Routledge

Why Has I.T. Grown? Structural Transformation and the Rise of  Information Technology  
Authors: Giovanni Gallipoli and Christos A. Makridis  
Discussant: Benjamin Pugsley 

Should We Fear the Robot Revolution?
Authors: Andrew Berg, Ed Buffie, Felipe Zanna
Discussant: Doug Hanley