89th Meeting of the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy

"Accounting for Slow Growth: Consumers, Producers, or Governments?"

"Innovation and Product Reallocation in the Great Recession"
David Argente, Munseob Lee, and Sara Moreira
Discussant: Daniel Xu

"Innovation and Productivity: Evidence and Some Implications for Monetary Policy"
Patrick Donnelly Moran and Albert Queralta
Discussant: Mike Waugh

"The Demographic Deficit"
Thomas Cooley and Espen Henriksen
Discussant: David Lopez-Salido

"Older and Slower: The Startup Deficit's Lasting Effects on Aggregate Productivity Growth"
Titon Alon, David Berger, Rob Dent, and Benjamin Pugsley
Discussant: John Haltiwanger

"The Tarnishing of the Golden State: Distortions to High Technology and the U.S. Economic Slowdown"
Kyle Herkenhoff, Lee Ohanian, and Edward Prescott
Discussant: Chris Tonetti

"Partisan Conflict and Private Investment"
Marina Azzimonti
Discussant: Joao Gomes