85th Meeting Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy

"Inequality, Institutions, and Redistribution"


"Macroeconomic Implications of Top Income Tax Cuts: 1960-2010"
Baris Kaymak and Markus Poschke
Discussant: Laurence Ales

"Positive and Normative Judgments Implicit in U.S. Tax Policy, and the Costs of Unequal Growth and Recessions"
Benjamin B. Lockwood and Matthew Weinzierl
Discussant: Stefanie Stantcheva

"Fiscal Multipliers in the 21st Century"
Pedro Brinca, Hans A. Holter, Per Krusell, and Laurence Malafry
Discussant: Thomas Philippon

"On the Optimal Provision of Social Insurance"
Dirk Krueger and Alexander Ludwig
Discussant: Costas Meghir

"Fertility, Social Mobility, and Long Run Inequality"
Juan Carlos Cordoba, Xiying Liu, and Marla Ripoll
Discussant: Ali Shourideh

"Wealth Inequality, Family Background, and Estate Taxation"
Mariacristina De Nardi and Fang Yang
Discussant: Ananth Seshadri