Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy

"Tax Reform: Implications for Growth, Inequality, and Welfate"


Loss-Offset Provisions in the Corporate Tax Code and the Misallocation of Capital
Authors: Baris Kaymak and Immo Schott
Discussant: Venky Venkateswaran

Heads I Win, Tails You Loose: Asymmetric Taxes, Risk Taking and Innovation
Authors: James Albertus, Brent Glover, Oliver Levine
Discussant: Eva Carceles

The Impact of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act on the Spatial Distribution of High Productivity Households and Economic Welfare
Authors: Daniele Coen-Pirani and Holger Sieg
Discussant: Rebecca Lessem

State Level Implications of Federal Tax Policies
Authors: Chang Liu and Noah Williams
Discussant: Karel Mertens

Reviving American Entrepreneurship? Tax Reform and Business Dynamism
Authors: Petr Sedlacek and Vincent Sterk
Discussant: Gian Luca Clementi

Taxation and the Life-Cycle of Firms
Authors: Andres Erosa and Beatrix Gonzalez
Discussant: Sebastian Dyrda