Grant Materials 

 How to Apply

To apply, simply send an email to Jonathan Robidoux ( State which research group(s) you are applying to for funding and attach:

  • A current CV
  • A 1-page proposal
      Describe the research project and how the resources would contribute to the research. Or, describe the conference, its topic and who the conference would benefit.
  • A budget
      How much money are you asking for? What will you use it for? How much of your own STARS funds will you contribute for this project? Do you have funding from any other sources? If so, how much?

Applications will typically be reviewed twice a year. However, if a project would be unduly delayed by waiting for the next funding deadline, group coordinators may decide to review an application submitted between funding review dates. The next deadline for submitting grant applications is November 1, 2021.

Grant Guidelines

To aid in formulating grant requests, Center coordinators have applied the following rules of thumb in assessing past applications:

  • Successful applications must demonstrate "skin in the game" (i.e. STARS participation).
  • Funding is available for data acquisition and for fieldwork travel. Data acquisition costs should be carefully documented in the application. Where data will be acquired from an external vendor, the application should include a statement of cost from the vendor. 
  • RA support will be capped (Fall 2016: $7,500). Higher requests require much more detailed justification and documentation.
  • Travel funding to work with co-authors is capped ($500 for domestic airfare; $1,000 for international airfare; plus $100 per diem up to 15 days).
  • Cap of $5,000 for co-sponsorship of conferences not organized directly by the Center.
  • No funding for: travel to conferences, equipment investment, or RAs outside of NYU.
  • The Center does not reimburse outlays made prior to the award of a grant.
  • All else equal, preference will be given to applications from junior faculty and new applicants. In addition, there is a bias against funding more than one project per applicant per cycle.
  • Applicants who have received previous Center grants should include documentation describing the current status (e.g. published output and expenditures) of their earlier project(s).
  • If a faculty member submits a grant proposal and a PhD student submits a proposal to co-author with that faculty member, the Center will prioritize the joint project involving the PhD student.

These guidelines are not intended to be comprehensive and are subject to change. 

Reflecting the Center's limited resources, successful applicants should expect that grants will meet only part of their request.

Grant Conditions

Acceptance of a Center research grant indicates agreement to the following conditions:

  • The details of the grant will be announced on the Center's website.
  • Any working papers or other research product of the project will be submitted in a timely way to the Center for posting on its website.
  • Evidence (e.g. receipts) of how the funds have been spent will be submitted to the Center as soon as possible, but no later than six months following the grant (unless otherwise specified).
  • Within six months (unless otherwise specified), the grantee will submit a brief research note (e.g. several paragraphs) that documents research progress for posting on the Center website.
  • Any data purchased or created with Center grant funds will be made available to all Stern faculty and Ph.D. students, subject to vendor restrictions.
  • Use of these grant resources is subject to any rules or restrictions on research funds, including COVID-19 actions, that are imposed by NYU Stern or by the University. This includes, but is not limited to, possible restrictions on travel or on the timing of spending.