Carnegie Rochester NYU Conference on Public Policy

"Market Power and Macro Policy"


Some Unpleasant Markup Arithmetic: Production Function Elasticities and their Estimation from Production Data
Authors: Steve Bond (University of Oxford), Arshia Hashemi (University of Chicago), Greg Kaplan (University of Chicago & NBER), and Piotr Zoch (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Jan De Loecker (KU Leuven, NBER, & CEPR)

Concentration in International Markets: Evidence from US Imports
Authors: Alessandra Bonfiglioli (Queen Mary University of London & CEPR), Rosario Crinò (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, CEPR & CESifo), and Gino Gancia (Queen Mary University of London & CEPR)
Discussant: Stephen Redding (Princeton)

The Dynamic Effects of Antitrust Policy on Growth and Welfare
Authors: Laurent Cavenaile (University of Toronto), Murat Alp Celik (University of Toronto), and Xu Tian (University of Toronto)
Discussant: Thomas Phillipon (NYU Stern)

Market Concentration, Firm Heterogeneity, and Search Complementarities
Authors: Jesús Fernández-Villaverde (University of Pennsylvania), Federico Mandelman (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta), Yang Yu (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), and Francesco Zanetti (University of Oxford)
Discussant: Michael Peters (Yale)

Government Policies in a Granular Global Economy
Authors: Cecile Gaubert (Berkeley), Oleg Itskhoki (UCLA), and Maximilian Vogler (Princeton)
Discussant: Ezra Oberfield (Princeton)

Monetary Policy, Customer Capital, and Market Power
Authors: Monica Morlacco (USC) and David Zeke (USC)
Discussant: François Gourio (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

Regulation and Security Design in Concentrated Markets
Authors: Ana Babus (Washington University in St. Louis & CEPR) and Kinda Hachem (University of Virginia & NBER)
Discussant: Marzena Rostek (University of Wisconsin)

Low Interest Rates, Deposit Market Power, and Bank Risk-Taking
Authors: Toni M. Whited (University of Michigan & NBER), Yufeng Wu (University of Illinois), and Kairong Xiao (Columbia University)
Discussant: Skander Van den Heuvel (Federal Reserve Board)