Leadership Team

Senior Staff
Raghu Sundaram Raghu Sundaram
Eitan Zemel Eitan Zemel
Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategy, NYU Shanghai 
Vice Dean, Executive Programs, NYU Stern
Mor Armony Mor Armony
Vice Dean of Faculty
Kim Corfman
Vice Dean of Online Learning
JP Eggers J.P. Eggers
Vice Dean, MBA Programs
Academic Director, Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA Program
Academic Director, Fashion & Luxury MBA Program
Joel Steckel Joel Steckel
Vice Dean for Doctoral Education
Department Chair, Accounting
Robert Whitelaw
Vice Dean, Undergraduate College
robert salomon leadership image Robert Salomon
Deputy Vice Dean, Executive Programs
Beth Murray Beth Murray
Chief Marketing Officer
Neil Rader Neil Rader
Chief Operations Officer
Glenn Di Biasi Glenn Di Biasi
Chief Information Officer
Paula Steisel Goldfarb Paula Steisel Goldfarb
Senior Associate Dean for MBA & Graduate Programs
Gary Fraser Gary Fraser
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Isser Gallogly Isser Gallogly
Associate Dean, MBA Admissions and Program Innovation
Roxanne Hori Roxanne Hori
Associate Dean of Corporate Relations, Career Services and Leadership Development
Amanda Parker Amanda Parker
Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
Beth Rubin Beth Rubin
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management
Ashish Bhatia Ashish Bhatia
Assistant Dean of Students, Engagement and Innovation, Undergraduate College
Tiffany Boselli Tiffany Boselli
Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Judicial Affairs, Undergraduate College
beth briggs leadership Beth Briggs
Assistant Dean, Career Services
 Naomi Diamant Naomi Diamant
Assistant Dean, Executive Programs
Academic Director, EMBA Programs  
Conor Grennan Conor Grennan
Assistant Dean of MBA Students
Roy Lee Roy Lee
Chief Analytics Officer
Elena Piercy Elena Piercy
Assistant Dean of School-wide Initiatives
Neha Singhal leadership image Neha Singhal
Assistant Dean, Executive Degree Programs Admissions and Marketing
Diann Witt Diann Witt
Assistant Dean, Planning and Academic Services
Rika Nazem Rika Nazem
Senior Executive Director, Communications
Rabia Ahmed Rabia Ahmed
Executive Director, MBA Admissions
Karen Brenner Karen Brenner
Director, Law and Business Initiatives, NYU
Grace Garnice Grace Glessing
Executive Director, Human Resources
Manjiree Jog Manjiree Jog
Executive Director, Master of Science in Risk Management Program
Erin Potter Erin Potter
Executive Director of Communications and Dean's Special Projects, Undergraduate College
Bryan Ramos Bryan Ramos
Executive Director, Student Engagement
Lisa Rios_headshot Lisa Rios
Executive Director, MBA Admissions
Carolyn Ritter leadership image Carolyn Ritter
Executive Director of Public Affairs & Events
Cynthia Franklin leadership photo 73x100 Cynthia Franklin
Director, Entrepreneurship @ W. R. Berkley Innovation Labs
Academic Directors
Menachem Brenner Menachem Brenner
Academic Director, Master of Science in Global Finance
Gian Luca Clementi leadership image Gian Luca Clementi
Academic Director, BS in Business and Political Economy
Deputy Chair, Economics

Rohit Deo
Director of NYU Stern - NYU Shanghai Programs
Chair, Information, Operations and Management Sciences
Alex Dontoh Alex Dontoh
Academic Director, Master of Science in Accounting
Anindya Ghose Leadership Thumbnail Image Anindya Ghose
Academic Director, Master of Science in Business Analytics
Sonia Marciano Sonia Marciano
Academic Director, TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program
ashehata_leadership Amal Shehata
Academic Director, BS/MS in Accounting
Ingo Walter Ingo Walter
Academic Director, Master of Science in Risk Management Program
jwurgler_leadership Jeffrey Wurgler
Academic Director, Master of Science in Quantitative Finance
jzhang Jiawei Zhang
Academic Director, Master of Science in Data Analytics
Barbara Albrecht Barbara Albrecht
Director, Administrative Services
Jennifer Beeson Jennifer Beeson Stark
Director, Major Gifts and Development Strategy
  Yoselin Bugallo
Director, MBA Admissions
Lisa Butcher Lisa Butcher
Director of International Exchanges and Special Programs, Undergraduate College
Lauren Calio Lauren Calio
Director, MBA Admissions
Elisa Chavarria Elisa Chavarria
Director, Academic Affairs & Advising
Jiabei Chen leadership Jiabei Chen
Director, Global Executive Education
Jerry Chong Jerry Chong
Director, Support Services
Sonia Cumberbatch Sonia Cumberbatch
Director, Software Development
Holly Curtis Holly Curtis
Director, MBA Admissions
Lisa Draho Lisa Draho
Director of Communications
  Kathleen Foley
Director, Operations
Tyson Ford Tyson Ford
Senior Director, Annual Giving and Donor Relations
Laura Giles Laura Giles
Director of International Programs
Anthony Ginexi leadership image 73x100Anthony Ginexi leadership image 73x100 Anthony Ginexi
Director of Planning & Academic Services, Undergraduate College
Jason Goff leadership image Jason Goff
Director of Budget and Planning
Kate Gregory Kate Gregory
Senior Director of Corporate Relations
Connie Kim Connie Kim
Senior Director, Leadership Development
james kingham leadership James Kingham
Director of Career Coaching
Christina Lev Christina Lev
Senior Director, Registration & Enrollment Services
Erin Malone Erin Malone
Senior Director, Alumni Relations
Anna Miars Anna Miars
Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy
Stefanie Milner Stefanie Milner 
Director, EMBA Marketing
Marie-Rose Nduku Marie Rose Nduku
Director, Academic Advising and Graduate Financial Aid
Lynn O'Connell Lynn O'Connell
Director, Experiential Learning
Carol Robbins headshot Carol Robbins
Director, Stern Teaching Effectiveness Program (STEP)
Jessica Rosenzweig Jessica Rosenzweig
Director of Academic Initiatives, Undergraduate College
Brian Ruggiero leadership image Brian Ruggiero
Director, Relationship Management
  Bronwen Sanders
Director, Global Degree Programs Admissions
Eliza Shanley Eliza Shanley
Senior Director, Career Center for Working Professionals
Evan Silberman Evan Silberman
Senior Director, Online Programs
Kristen Sosulski Kristen Sosulski
Director, Learning Science Lab
Susanna Stein Susanna Stein
Director, Faculty Affairs
  Kathi To
Director of Operations
 Alanna Valdez leadership Alanna Valdez
Senior Director, Executive Programs
Norman White Norman White
Director, Center for Research Computing
Janet Vitebsky Janet Vitebsky
Director, Global Degree & Executive Education Program
Nancy Wu_headshot Nancy Wu
Senior Director, Operations Executive MBA Services
Academic Departments & Areas
Joel Steckel Joel Steckel
Department Chair, Accounting
Vice Dean for Doctoral Education
Paul Zarowin Paul Zarowin
Deputy Chair, Accounting 
Bruce Buchanan Bruce Buchanan
Director, Business and Society Program
Luis Cabral Luis Cabral
Chair, Economics
Al Lieberman Al Lieberman
Executive Director, Entertainment, Media and Technology Initiative
Paul Hardart Paul Hardart
Director, Entertainment, Media & Technology Initiative
david yermack leadership image David Yermack
Chair, Finance
Co-Director, NYU Pollack Center for Law and Business
Joel S. Hasbrouck Joel S. Hasbrouck
Acting Deputy Chair, Finance

Rohit Deo
Chair, Information, Operations and Management Sciences
Director of NYU-Stern Shanghai Programs
Harry G Chernoff Harry G. Chernoff
Deputy Chair, Information, Operations and Management Sciences
Susan Stehlik leadership image Susan Stehlik
Director, Management Communication
steven blader leadership image 73x100 Steven Blader
Chair, Management and Organizations
mschilling_leadership Melissa Schilling
Deputy Chair, Management and Organizations
Director, Fubon Center’s Technology Innovation Initiative
Tülin Erdem leadership image Tülin Erdem
Chair, Marketing
winer2 Russ Winer
Deputy Chair, Marketing
Centers & Institutes
Jeffrey Carr
Director, Fashion & Luxury Lab
kderose_leadership Kathleen DeRose
Director, Fubon Center’s FinTech Initiative
Robert Engle Robert Engle
Director, Volatility Institute
Pankaj Ghemawat Pankaj Ghemawat
Director, Center for the Globalization of Education and Management
dhegde_leadership Deepak Hegde
Director, Endless Frontier Labs
Director, W. R. Berkley Innovation Labs
Richard Levich Richard M. Levich
Director, Glucksman Institute for Research in Securities Markets
nlevina_leadership Natalia Levina 
Director, Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation
  Joshua Negreira
Acting Director, Center for Real Estate Finance Research
Mike Posner Michael H. Posner
Director, Center for Business and Human Rights
fprovost_leadership Foster Provost
Director, Fubon Center’s Data Analytics Initiative
Paul Romer Paul Romer (on leave)
Director, Urbanization Project

Philipp Schnabl 
Sidney Homer Director, Salomon Center for the Study of Financial Institutions
Kim Schoenholtz Kim Schoenholtz
Director, Center for Global Economy and Business
Tensie Whelan_Leadership Page Tensie Whelan
Director, Center for Sustainable Business