Undergraduate College

Tiffany Boselli

Tiffany Boselli

Senior Assistant Dean, Advising and Student Conduct, Undergraduate College

Erin Potter, Senior Assistant Dean of Student Experience and Dean’s Special Projects, Undergraduate College

Erin Potter

Senior Assistant Dean, Student Experience and Dean’s Special Projects, Undergraduate College

Diann Witt, Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Assessment and Affairs, Undergraduate College

Diann Witt

Senior Assistant Dean, Academic Assessment and Affairs, Undergraduate College

James Kingham, Executive Director, Professional Development & Career Education

James Kingham

Executive Director, Professional Development and Career Education, Undergraduate College

Cassandra Bizzaro, Director of Communications, Undergraduate College

Cassandra Bizzaro

Director, Communications, Undergraduate College

Scott Bourdeau, Director of Advising Operations, Undergraduate College

Scott Bourdeau

Director, Advising Operations, Undergraduate College

Lisa Butcher

Lisa Butcher

Director, International Exchanges and Special Programs, Undergraduate College

Anthony Ginexi

Anthony Ginexi

Director, Planning and Academic Services, Undergraduate College

Jessica Rosenzweig

Jessica Rosenzweig

Director, Academic Initiatives, Undergraduate College

Akiko Yamaguchi, Director of Student Engagement

Akiko Yamaguchi

Director, Student Engagement—Leadership/Community, Undergraduate College

Graduate Programs

Paula Steisel Goldfarb

Senior Associate Dean, MBA and Graduate Programs

Isser Gallogly, Associate Dean, MBA Admissions and Program Innovation

Isser Gallogly

Associate Dean, MBA Admissions and Program Innovation

Beth Briggs, Assistant Dean, Career Services

Beth Briggs

Associate Dean, Career Services

Conor Grennan, Assistant Dean of MBA Students

Conor Grennan

Assistant Dean, Student Life
Dean of Students

Bryan Ramos, Executive Director, Student Engagement

Bryan Ramos

Assistant Dean, Experiential and Global Education

Lisa Rios

Lisa Rios

Assistant Dean, MBA Admissions

Brian Ruggiero, Director, Relationship Management

Brian Ruggiero

Executive Director, Full-time Career Services

Kate Gregory, Senior Director of Corporate Relations

Kate Gregory

Senior Director, Corporate Relations

Marie-Rose Nduku

Marie-Rose Nduku

Senior Director, Academic Advising and Graduate Financial Aid

Eliza Shanley

Eliza Shanley

Senior Director, Career Center for Working Professionals

Kathi To

Kathi To

Senior Director, Career Education & Operations

Genevieve Boron

Genevieve Boron

Director, Career Coaching

Yoselin Bugallo

Senior Director, MBA Admissions

Lauren Calio, Director, MBA Admissions

Lauren Calio

Director, MBA Admissions

Andrea Candelario

Director, Student Life

Laura Giles, Director of International Programs

Laura Giles

Director, Global Education

Carrie Magelowitz Perkal

Director, Relationship Management

Lynn O'Connell

Director, Experiential Education

Stefanie Slade

Director, MBA and Graduate Programs

Adam Smith

Director, MBA Admissions

Executive Programs

Naomi Diamant, Assistant Dean, Executive Programs and Academic Director, EMBA Programs

Naomi Diamant

Assistant Dean, Executive Programs
Academic Director, EMBA Programs

Neha Singhal, Assistant Dean, Executive Degree Programs Admissions and Marketing

Neha Singhal

Assistant Dean, Executive Degree Programs Admissions and Marketing

Alanna Valdez

Alanna Valdez

Assistant Dean, Relationship Management, Executive Programs

Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu

Assistant Dean, Finance and Operations, Executive Programs

Jiabei Chen, Senior Director, Global Executive Education

Jiabei Chen

Senior Director, Global Executive Education

Brandon Mercik

Director, Global Degree and Executive Education Programs.

Stefanie Milner, Director, EMBA Marketing

Stefanie Milner

Director, EMBA Marketing

Bronwen Sanders

Bronwen Sanders

Director, Global Degree Programs Admissions

Jenny Yuan

Director, Executive MBA

Online Programs

Jamie Tobias

Assistant Dean, Online Programs