Grants will be awarded to faculty and/or teams of faculty to design, plan, pilot and evaluate progressive teaching and learning projects. The grant funds will be used for the design and development of projects in collaboration with us. We anticipate that many of these projects will be digital in nature and required resources such as media production. In addition, for projects that may have an experiential component, we are offering funding for transportation to site visits. Reflecting our limited resources, successful applicants should expect that grants will meet only part of their request.

Review Process

The grant proposals are reviewed by our team. Applications will be evaluated using the criteria below.
  • Project goals and instructional questions
  • Potential impact of the project on student learning
  • Assessment and evaluation criteria and metrics
  • Appropriateness of the proposed budget in relation to the scope of the project
  • Feasibility of project plan and timeline
  • Sustainability of the project beyond the grant funding 
The grants will fund:
  • Instructional materials (books, software, print & other supplies)
  • Hardware (equipment costs need to support the specified purpose in the grant proposal)
  • Consultants for video, programming, web design, graphic design, etc.
  • Undergraduate and graduate assistants
  • Media production services
  • Transportation & travel (for experiential courses)
  • Food service (small percentage)
  • Small stipends for guest speakers / industry speakers.
The grants will not fund:
  • Faculty salary
  • Release time
  • Individual conference travel
  • Common office equipment and supplies