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We partner with Stern faculty to design learner-centered experiences

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Designing learning that encourages exploration and inquiry

The NYU Stern Learning Science Lab is a team of creatives, educators, designers, and technologists who collaborate with faculty to build meaningful learning environments. Using research in the learning sciences to inform our design practice, we partner with instructors to create engaging and interactive courses for business school education. Contact us at learning.science@stern.nyu.edu to connect and speak more.

Headshot of Kristen Sosulski

Kristen Sosulski, Executive Director

Kristen leads the NYU Stern Learning Science Lab. She is also a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business and a Fubon Innovation Scholar. Kristen teaches MBA students and executives data visualization, R and Python programming, and business analytics. Her area of scholarship is at the intersection of learning science, technology, and visual design.

Sean speaking at an NYU Stern event

Sean Diaz, Associate Director, Educational Technology

Sean works on promoting learning science-based standards in the use of technology in learning design. He partners with faculty to design online courses and leads workshops and consultations for Stern faculty. Before joining the Learning Science Lab he led digital curriculum development and corporate partnership management in the non-profit education sector. He holds a MA in Digital Media Design for Learning from NYU Steinhardt and a BA in English from UC Berkeley.

Cindy Payne

Cindy Payne, Assistant Director, Instructional Media Production

Cindy is the Assistant Director of Instructional Media Production at the Learning Science Lab. She received her B.A. in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. Her career has been spent working on all forms of media, ranging from commercials and TV shows to film and special effects. At the Learning Science Lab she uses her expertise to create beautiful and engaging educational content.

Josh Sewell

Josh Sewell, Educational Technologist

Josh is a learning designer and a fervent advocate for implementing equity, and data into learning outcomes. He is currently a doctoral student and an adjunct professor at NYU. Before joining NYU, Josh spent his career in local government, academia and consulting for an educational technology startup.

Victoria Tralies

Victoria Tralies, Educational Technologist

Victoria Tralies is a writer, teacher, and instructional designer who is passionate about innovation and bringing great ideas to life. Currently, she supports the Learning Science Lab team in marketing, facilitating and improving workshops or consultations that best serve the Stern community. Prior to her role with NYU, Victoria was a public high school English teacher in Arizona who spent her days analyzing literature and tinkering with words.

Media Team

Alejandro Cardona

Alejandro Cardona, Video Editor

Alejandro is a video editor, graphics animator and designer. He publishes independent video essays examining the intersection of communication scholarship, history, and pop culture. He earned his B.A. in Communication and Theater at Trinity University.

Learning Science Technology Fellows


Elaine Li

Elaine is a graduate student at Steinhardt majoring in Digital Media Design for Learning. She holds a Bachelor's of Science from NYU Stern in Marketing and Finance. Her background is in academic administration and marketing. She has a passion for equity in education and her interests include user experience design and research.


Alma Nwajei

Alma is a graduate student at the School of Professional Studies majoring in Digital and Print Publishing. She earned her B.A. in Advertising from the University of Houston. Alma is passionate about using digital media to simplify communication and improve the quality of learning. She is also interested in graphic design and technical writing.


Ruobing Su

Ruobing is a graduate student of Steinhardt's Digital Media Design for Learning program, with a specialization in UX design. She has a journalism and visual design background. Ruobing is hoping to make an accessible, engaging, and effective learning experience embedded with compelling storytelling.


Aashna Soni

Aashna is a junior at NYU Tisch majoring in Interactive Media Arts and wants to explore the intersection of design and technology. She is also pursuing a cross-school minor in Business of Media, Technology, and Entertainment. She enjoys engaging in projects that require marketing, programming, and visual communication skills. Outside of the creative realm, she likes listening to music from the 80s!