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Recorded 253 teaching videos with 22 faculty for 15 courses

It's a wrap!

We share some highlights of our work from the past year, including collaborating with faculty on teaching videos, new online courses, workshops, consultations, and our new research study.
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Are your students reading your feedback?

Don't make the mistake of merging your sections when you're setting up your course site for the new semester! Join us at our workshops on effective feedback or using Zoom in your course.
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Sitting alone during your office hours?

Find out how to get more students to utilize time with you, learn how set up a mid-semester teaching evaluation, and attend a demo session to choose our new LMS.
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Learning truth or learning myth: Can you tell the difference?

We look at a new study exploring neuromyths and evidence-based practices in higher education and give you a chance to test yourself. Download our checklist of strategies to avoid common pitfalls in Zoom sessions like background noise, one-way communication, and passive participation.
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Find and share your own virtual meeting room

Find and share your own virtual office in your NYU-supported Zoom account and learn how to hide your resources folder, or any other tool, from students in your course site.
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What is the primary predictor for academic retention?

We look at a study of 400 million minutes of online student behavior of 111 students engaging in 151 modules or lessons to learn about the primary predictor for academic retention.
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Are you using your assessments as learning tools?

Explore 3 ways to use assessments for learning in your courses and find out if you can send an email to all the students in your section from my email account, without logging into NYU Classes.
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