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Teaching Technologies

There’s no escaping technology when teaching, and this is especially true when teaching hybrid or online courses. Proficiency with these tools can have a meaningful impact on the student experience, and can also make your life easier as a teacher.

In this section, we discuss the technology and tools that can help you make the most of your class time.

Find out about teaching and learning tools available at NYU Stern.

This primer introduces faculty to the resources, processes and tools they'll need, step by step, to begin teaching.

Recent months have shown a significant increase in generative AI (GenAI) tools in and outside of the classroom. Drastic technological advances can feel overwhelming, but they are also a great opportunity to innovate and educate one another. Explore our resource for guidance on GenAI use in your course.

If you’ve had to transition to teaching your course remotely, we’re here to help! This quick reference guide will help you make a smooth transition to online teaching without requiring you to redesign your entire course.

A comprehensive understanding of classroom technology gives you more options as an instructor and ensures your classes run smoothly. Check out our resource s to learn more about the tools and functionality in Stern's classrooms.


Brush up on new techniques and technologies.

Our workshops are a great place to learn new skills and enhance your teaching.

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