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We collaborate with faculty to provide course design, development, usability, and quality assurance

Our advantage is Stern’s faculty of world-class experts. The LSL team taps into each professor’s experience to understand how learners most benefit from their deep knowledge. Then we work together to create a unique course tailored to the subject. Everything we design relies upon research-based principles to create the most engaging learning experience.

Online Master's in Quantitative Management (MSQM)

Working with 20 Stern faculty, the Learning Science Lab co-designed 24 interactive online courses that make up the first online master's degree in quantitative management from a leading U.S. business school.  

  • Communication, Professors Susan Stehlik, Brian Hanssen, and Yu Shi
  • R Programming for Data, Professor Kristen Sosulski
  • Probability and Statistics, Professor Peter Lakner
  • Statistical Modeling, Professor Rohit Deo
  • Financial Accounting 1, Professor Amal Shehata
  • Financial Accounting 2, Professor Mary Billings
  • Microeconomics, Professor Joseph Foudy
  • The Global Economy, Professor Joseph Foudy
  • Leadership, Professor Anat Lechnet
  • Databases for Business Analytics, Professor Panos Ipeirotis
  • Foundations of Finance, Professor Robert Whitelaw
  • Corporate Finance, Professor Robert Whitelaw
  • Negotiation, Professors Kim Corfman and Elizabeth Morrison
  • Professional Responsibility, Professor Bruce Buchanan
  • Fintech, Professor Kathleen DeRose
  • Data Science and Predictive Analytics, Professors Panos Ipeirotis and Foster Provost
  • Operations, Professor Mor Armony
  • Decision Models, Professor Ilan Lobel
  • Marketing, Professor Russ Winer
  • Customer Insights, Professor Geeta Menon
  • Business Strategy, Professors JP Eggers and Sonia Marciano
  • Corporate Strategy, Professors JP Eggers and Sonia Marciano


Online Certificates

Online certificates are asynchronous with optional synchronous elements, providing students with the opportunity to gain new knowledge or augment an existing foundation in diverse areas of business.

  • Advanced Valuation, Professor Aswath Damodaran
  • Coding + Visual Analytics Bundle, Professor Kristen Sosulski
  • Coding in R for Data, Professor Kristen Sosulski
  • Corporate Finance, Professor Aswath Damodaran
  • Corporate Sustainability, Professor Tensie Whelan
  • Fintech, Professor Kathleen DeRose
  • Visualizing Data, Professor Kristen Sosulski


Providing consultations for learning design and technology.

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