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Previous Learning Science Lab Workshops

Get the most out of using Zoom in your class

Did you know that there are ways to support student learning and engagement outside of the physical classroom? Zoom is a tool that everyone at NYU can now access. It's a powerful technology for your teaching toolkit. In this workshop we explored how to foster meaningful student discussion and collaboration using Zoom's video conferencing features such as breakout rooms, polling, interactive whiteboards, text-chat, and more. 

Ever thought about teaching with video?

In this hands-on workshop we explored how to create teaching videos that promote meaningful learning. Whether you’re recording a short video with a webcam in your office, or developing a series of interactive online videos in Stern’s studio, we discussed how to get comfortable taking your teaching from the classroom to the camera.

Build your course in the NYU Classes Lessons Tool

Learn how to customize and create a powerful and flexible learning experience in the NYU Classes environment. Present your course activities, assignments and resources using the Lessons Tool, an organized visual interface.