Grantees and Projects


Title: Leadership Presence App
Faculty: David Purdy
Department: Management Communication
Category: Purposeful use of technology to enhance classroom learning

This project is the development of a mobile app to help students improve their ability to develop their leadership presence as a component of the On Your Feet -- Think, Speak, Lead leadership management course. The platform is used to provide content, deliver exercises, and capture micro-journal entries to allow students to increase awareness and use of their leadership skills.
network analytics
Title: Network Analytics Project
Faculty: Arun Sundararajan
Department: IOMS
Category: Student-centered learning experiences 

This project is a hands-on project for MS in Business Analytics students. It employs a synthetically generated data set, constructed to be realistic, but with specific learning objectives built into the structure, and an outcome simulation system. The context is consumer banking using consumer demographics, a network connecting consumers to each other, and a state of adoption of a baseline product.
real estate
Title: Real Estate Videos
Faculty: Harry Chernoff and Ben Akins
Department: IOMS
Category: New learning formats: Online, Flipped, Experiential 

This project is to create student centered videos to include in the Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship course. Presenting fundamental concepts online with videos frees classroom time for more hands-on modeling, site visits and industry expert speakers.
Title: Professional Writing Videos
Faculty: Aline Wolff
Department: Management Communication
Category: New learning formats: Online, Flipped, Experiential 

This project is for the development of student writing modules specifically designed for Stern undergraduate students on advanced topics including concluding a document, streamlining sentences for improved readability, and idiomatic usage for international students. 
nyu shanghai
Title: Shanghai Business Honors 
Faculty: Marti G. Subrahmanyam
Department: Finance
Category: New learning formats: Online, Blended, and Global

This project is a new global remote program aimed at enriching the research experience of NYU Shanghai undergraduate seniors.  It consists of a combination of a thesis, a year-long seminar, and graduate courses.  Some of the thesis and seminar mentors will be based in New York. Supervision and seminar leadership will be conducted using videoconferencing and other distance learning tools.  
Title: Stern International Volunteers Ghana
 Hans Taparia and Rachel Kowal
Department: Business and Society
Category: New learning formats: Experiential and Global

This project is an experiential learning course. The class travels to a village in Eastern Ghana, called Woadze Tsatoe and helps incubate 2 on-ground, village-owned social businesses, one of which is a women's owned Batik textile production unit. The class partners with existing enterprises, set up by NYU alumni and based in Ghana, to help incubate the businesses and ensure their long-term sustainability.  
fred grant thumbnail

Title: Core Macroeconomy Course Video Tutorials for FRED
Kim Schoenholtz (principal investigator), David Backus, Gian Luca Clementi, Thomas Cooley, Kim Ruhl, Laura Veldkamp, Michael Waugh, Stanley Zin
Department: Economics
Category: Purposeful use of technology to enhance classroom learning

This project is a series of eleven new video tutorials that aim to help students better navigate the FRED database. These short videos were created using Screenflow, a screen capture software, and they are narrated by faculty. The videos were enhanced with annotations and helpful references that will guide students through learning to navigate FRED. The library of videos serves as a reference in other Economics courses. See the Video Playlist here:

taparia grant thumbnail Title: Social Problem-based Entrepreneurship
Hans Taparia
Department: Business and Society
Category: New learning formats: Experiential and Global

This project is a tailored prototyping and design workshop series led by a consulting group. Through participation in the workshop sessions, students will gain valuable insights about how to better research and prototype their concepts. Students will also receive prototype funds for their projects.  

younger grant thumbnail Title: The VIBu Global Marathon Program – Virtual Teams in International Business: 8+ countries in 18+ hours
Jeffrey Younger
Department: Management Communication
Category: New learning formats: Online, Blended, Flipped, Experiential, and Global

This project will encompass a set of instructional videos that raise awareness about the VIBu business simulation and its impact on learning. In addition, the student experience playing VIBu will be documented to be shared with the larger community. The VIBu project will be part of a curriculum on teams and supply chain management that will consist of five sessions. To evaluate the effectiveness of this new curriculum a pre- and post-program survey will be administered. 

posner grant thumbnail Title: Online Tracking, Behavioral Profiling and Privacy Rights 
Michael Posner and The Center for Business and Human Rights    
Category: Student-centered learning experiences

This grant will fund student fellows, who will map the linkages between the consumer, companies supplying or publishing advertisements, and the data collectors, brokers, and analytics firms. Students will produce an interactive graphic, in collaboration with a web developer, through which a user could input information and watch the flow of data change on the screen. In addition, students will write a research report outlining the business incentives and risks to privacy in different parts of the ecosystem. The reports will be published on the Business and Human Rights Center’s website and publicized in the media, offering consumers a tool to better understand and advocate for their privacy.

wolff grant thumbnail Title: Professional Writing Video Modules
 Aline Wolff  
Department: Management Communication
Category: New learning formats: Blended, Flipped and Global

In this project, a series of self-paced video modules will be created to provide consistent instruction on effective professional writing for all Stern undergraduates. This project will begin by conducting a research study with a focus on writing programs in peer business schools. Professor Wolff will also assess the general types of writing needs of Stern students by surveying Stern professors and career services staff. Once this information is analyzed, she will work with faculty from NYU and other business schools, including learning and neurolinguistics experts, to develop a set of resources. The videos will serve the increasing population of international students at Stern. 

OSE grant thumbnail Grant Title: Stern Signature Project – Project Toolkit Video
Jamie Tobias, Bryan Ramos, and Lynn O'Connell
Department: The Office of Student Engagement
Category: New learning formats: Online, Blended, Flipped and Experiential

In this project, five videos will be created to explain the process and steps that consultants take with new clients. The videos will serve as a framework to support the experiential learning nature of the SSP and allow students to reference them and view at their own pace as they begin to work on their consulting projects. 

levina grant thumbnail Title: Flipped Classroom Short Videos
Natalia Levina    
Department: IOMS
Category: New learning formats: Blended and Flippped

In this project, Professor Levina seeks to flip her classroom.  A series of short animated videos on select theoretical and conceptual material from the course will be created for students to view before class. This will enable students to master the theoretical concepts on their own and to be better prepared for in-class discussions.

horton grant thumbnail Title: Best Practices for Teaching Programming
John Horton
Department: Information, Operations and Management Sciences
Category: New learning formats: Blended and Flipped

In this project, Professor Horton will create educational videos and materials to guide students in the process of mastering R programming. The content of the videos will be informed by interviews with students on how they best learn programming.   

pluzinski grant thumbnail Title: Research for Customer Insights – A Flipped Classroom Experiment
Carol Pluzinski
Department: Marketing
Category: New learning formats: Blended and Flipped

This Project will build on the flipped classroom approach to develop a set of instructional videos for students to view prior to class sessions. The goal is to bring students of multiple ability/comfort levels to a common ground through the use of digital resources that will support self-paced learning. Creating a series of short (5- to 10-minute) videos will allow students who lack the necessary skills to develop them before class sessions. This will increase the time available for questions and allow students to move from building their foundational and procedural knowledge to practice and skill building.