Henry Kaufman Prize for Economic Analysis at NYU Stern

April 29, 2015 - The second annual Henry Kaufman Prize for Economic Analysis was awarded to the top project in the MBA Global Economy course, Team Mexico.

MBA student teams in the spring Global Economy course developed “virtual presentations” to advise a multinational services firm regarding the attractiveness of a large, irreversible, long-run investment in an assigned country.

At the open forum on April 29, three distinguished economists – Lewis Alexander, Montek Ahluwalia, and John Lipsky – posed questions to the top three teams (one from each course section) regarding their presentations. At the end of the forum, the judges awarded Team Mexico the Henry Kaufman Prize for Economic Analysis at Stern.

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Video: MediaSite Presentation

April 30, 2014 - The first annual Henry Kaufman Prize for Economic Analysis was awarded to the top project in the MBA Global Economy course. Students in the class, working in teams, conducted an in-depth study of an assigned economy, analyzing that economy's barriers to long-term growth, and proposing a policy change to promote growth.

Two distinguished external judges (Lewis Alexander and John Lipsky) assessed the top four teams (one from each Global Economy course section) in the NYU Stern Economic Growth Competition. They awarded the Henry Kaufman prize to Team Italy. The project mandate, the team presentations, the team write-ups, and photos from the Competition are posted below.

Congratulations to Team Italy!

Project Mandate
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