Economic Fluctuations, Growth and Development

The Economic Fluctuations, Growth and Development Group in NYU Stern's Center for Global Economy and Business supports economic research that focuses on the aggregate economy, at the regional, national or global level. It includes topics such as: business cycles, the real effects of financial crises, long-run economic growth and development, the distribution of wealth or income, the distribution of firm size, patterns of international trade, time-series and cross-sectional patterns in investment and savings, interactions between housing markets and the economy, information markets and the economy, or studies of unemployment and labor markets.

The research group’s goal is to foster high-quality research that includes both empirical and theoretical work. Developing a rich set of facts about the global economy and explanations for these facts allows policy makers to design better economic management policy, allows firms to be better adapted to the economic environment in which they operate, and gives individuals insight into the nature of the seemingly-chaotic patterns of human economic activity.

Venky Venkateswaran
Research Group Coordinator