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Interested in creating videos for your course?

Explore these tools you can use to record and share videos with students.

Why might I use video in my course? 

Short, pre-recorded videos can be used to present new knowledge to students, freeing up more of your class time for discussion. Students have the opportunity to watch the videos at their own pace, reflect on what they’ve learned, and formulate questions to bring to class. Videos can also be an effective way to scale your teaching: Create them once and use them again and again. 

What formats should I consider?

Experiment by chunking content into short, 10-15 minute videos that have a focused learning outcome. Consider using pre-recorded videos to:
  • Present a new topic through a mini-lecture 
  • Show step-by-step how to solve a problem through a worked example
  • Demonstrate how to use a tool or set up a software environment through a guided tutorial

Which tool should I use?

Click the buttons on the left of this screen to find out more about three NYU-supported tools for creating video content. 

Kaltura Capture and Zoom are best for recording yourself speaking and/or showing content on your screen.  

Mediasite is an option if you’d like to extract parts of classes that were recorded on-campus in the past year.