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Video Resources

View videos detailing general information about the MS in Business Analytics program, tips for filling out your application, and discussions from our alumni and thought leadership on topics within the business analytics space. 

Program Information

MSBA Program Information: Program Overview

MSBA Program Information: Modular Structure

MS in Business Analytics program: Immediate Return on Investment

MS in Business Analytics program: Professional Development

MS in Business Analytics program: Faculty and Curriculum

Application Tips


MSBA Application Tips: Highlighting Your Professional Experience

MSBA Application Tips: Focusing on IQ + EQ

MSBA Application Tips: Demonstrating Academic Preparedness


Videos from Alumni and Thought Leadership 

Charles King, Class of 2014, discusses how the foodservice industry can utilize data and analytics to revolutionize their operations. With success in the food space, natural ways to innovate and expand their offerings, to everything from venue design and infrastructure to the retail environment, have been discovered.

John Callery, Class of 2014, sheds light on how workforce analytics isn't a cold, methodical approach to a very human process, but rather, about asking better questions to create happier, healthier, and more productive organizations. Ultimately, workforce analytics is people analytics.

Professor Kristen Sosulski talks through the components of telling a story using data, from exploration, to analysis, to communication.

MSBA Academic Director Anindya Ghose provides an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what you need to know about it to prepare for a more connected reality.

Professor Arun Sundararajan implores consumers to think carefully about the implications of transferring regulation power from the government to private companies.

Jack Hanlon, Class of 2014, discusses the value of metrics and analytics for CPG marketers.