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Delivering Your Course Online

Explore simple strategies for teaching remotely, without starting from scratch

Several faculty asked for a straightforward recipe to use when deciding which activities should stay "live" in Zoom and which are better turned into asynchronous activities for students to do on their own time. The document at the link below is designed to be a reasonably concise set of instructions that we hope will simplify the process for faculty (who, of course, can still do their own thing).  It will also make clear recommendations about other things that can be hard to decide, like how to give tests, set up your course site, etc.

Note that when we are designing courses expressly for online learning, we start with learning objectives and build courses around them, using the synchronous and asynchronous tools best suited for the objectives.  This guide is designed to shortcut that process, so we can be ready to deliver our courses to students more quickly.

How to Deliver a Good Online Course Without Starting From Scratch