Julia Coff

Julia Coff is a PhD candidate in the Department of Management & Organizations at the NYU Stern School of Business. She conducts mixed-methods, meso-level research in organizational behavior to understand the human side of the future of work. She studies how employees make sense of changes in how they work—often changes that entail the introduction of technology—and how widespread changes can influence how they perceive their work, organizations, and futures. 

Gupte Headshot

Abhishek Gupte

Abhishek joined the PhD program in Management at NYU Stern in September 2020. His research interests include knowledge work & expertise, technological change and innovation. He is interested in studying how expert professionals think about the changing nature of their work and tools.

Yuqing (Sam) Li


Derrick Choe

Derrick Choe is a PhD Candidate in Management and Organizations at NYU Stern. His dissertation examines the effects of corporate investments in specialized R&D buildings on intra-organizational communication and innovation. His research broadly addresses the changing physical workplace and how it can be optimized given broad social and technological shifts.