The cover of the DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024: An in-depth analysis of the state of globalization. The cover features four panels arranged horizontally: (1) a woman walking away from the viewer; (2) a set of digital financial graphics; (3) a colorful fiber optic cable; (4) a large container ship approaching the viewer
Steven A. Altman and Caroline R. Bastian

DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024

In today's turbulent times, business and government leaders must distinguish between predictions and actual shifts in international activity. The latest DHL Global Connectedness Report reveals that globalization reached a record high in 2022 and remained close to that level in 2023 – despite a series of global shocks over the past decade, including the Covid-19 pandemic, wars in Ukraine and Gaza,

Connecting to the World
Steven A. Altman and Caroline R. Bastian

Connecting to the World

On the tenth anniversary of the GCI, we have released a special report that offers a set of lessons from this body of research. It addresses the power of a connected world to expand prosperity and how countries can boost their connectedness.

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2001-2023 GCI Global Trends (csv)

2001-2022 GCI Scores & Ranks (csv)

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DHL Global Connectedness Index

What is the Global Connectedness Index?

The DHL Global Connectedness Index tracks the depth and breadth of international trade, capital, information, and people flows. It draws upon 3+ million data points to examine globalization worldwide, by region, and across 169 countries.


Key Findings from the DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024

Presentation of key findings from the DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024 report, co-authored by Steven A. Altman and Caroline Bastian. Steven A. Altman, Senior Research Scholar and Director of the DHL Initiative on Globalization at NYU Stern's Center for the Future of Management, recorded this presentation on March 13, 2024.