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Center for the Future of Management

Future of Work & Organizations Initiative

Our Mission

The mission of the Future of Work and Organizations Initiative is to be an interdisciplinary initiative devoted to facilitating our understanding of how technology, globalization, and other factors (e.g., the evolution of the "gig" economy, the use of artificial intelligence, and the Covid-19 pandemic) are changing the nature of work and organizations and to supporting researchers studying these phenomena.


In 2018, we co-founded the Future of Work and Organizations Initiative here at the NYU Stern School of Business with the goal of bringing together researchers and students who are interested in studying and learning about phenomena related to the changing nature of work and organizations to share ideas and findings. Since then we have sponsored an ongoing series of seminars and other programs, open to academics at Stern as well as at other schools at NYU (e.g., Tandon), and other academic and consulting organizations. This initiative builds on the expertise of scholars in Stern’s Department of Management & Organizations and in other departments at Stern who have studied the changes in industries, organizations, and work brought about by recent shifts in the economy and in technological capabilities. We also provide funding for PhD student research, thanks to a generous grant from Microsoft.