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April 7 - NYU CFM-LMU ISTO Panel on The Organizational Economics of AI


Firms are increasingly using AI in a variety of areas including recruiting, evaluation, sales & marketing and others. What are the tradeoffs involved when using AI for these business needs? How is the use of AI changing how firms do business? Are new business models required? What is the role of governments and regulators?

Daron Acemoglu is an Institute Professor at MIT. His work covers a wide range of areas, including political economy, economic development, economic growth, technological change, inequality, labor economics and economics of AI. Jacques Bughin is the retired director of the McKinsey Global Institute. He currently serves as Professor at the Solvay School of Economics and Management, and advises multiple companies on topics related to AI, ICT, sustainability and other topics. Raffaella Sadun is Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School. Professor Sadun's research focuses on managerial and organizational drivers of productivity and growth in both the private and public sector.

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