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Preparing for the future of (no)work


Host Anat Lechner

Industry 4.0, Autonomous Machines, The Singularity, UBI, and Cyborgs are among the concepts we associate with the arriving Future of (no)Work.  It is assumed that advances in AI and Robotics will lead to significant economic growth but also to widespread unemployment, exacerbate income inequality and create social unrest. 
Analyses of the evolving job market suggest that traditional job roles will be replaced by new ones in a ratio of 4 to 1 respectively. Between rapid digitization, and advancements in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Super Computers, we seem to be losing the battle to the machine.  
How do we prepare for a transition to an automated economy? The talk will focus on mapping the evolving capability of AI and its revolutionizing impact on the job market, the efforts and dilemmas associated with re/upskilling, the emerging new jobs, and the role of leadership in architecting and facilitating the transition and transformation in the years to come