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March 15, 2019

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March 5, 2019

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February 27, 2019

Globalization Hits a New High
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February 21, 2019

Report Places Argentina Among the Ten Most Connected Countries in the Region (in Spanish)
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February 21, 2019

NZ Drops Eight Places in Globalisation Survey
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February 19, 2019

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February 18, 2019

Globalisation Hits New Record High, New Index Shows
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February 18, 2019

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February 17, 2019

From Ireland to Singapore, Islands are the Champions of Globalization (in French)
Le Figaro
February 17, 2019

Algeria in 121st Place: Report on Global Connectedness (in French)
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February 16, 2019

Strong Economic Growth Boosts International Flows--DHL GCI
Business Post (Nigeria)
February 15, 2019

Bangladesh Fails to Improve in Global Connectedness Index
Dhaka Tribune
February 15, 2019

DHL Global Connectedness Index: Globalization Hits New Record High
Biztech Africa
February 15, 2019

We're at an All-Time Connectedness High
February 15, 2019

DHL Globalisation Connectedness Index Hits New Record High
Independent (Lagos)
February 15, 2019

UAE Ranked World's Fifth Most Connected Country
Trade Arabia
February 15, 2019

DHL Global Connectedness Index Report: Globalization Reaches New Heights (in French)
Alwihda Info
February 15, 2019

DHL Global Connectedness Index: Southeast Asian Nations Beat Expectations as Globalization Hits New Record High
Viet Nam News
February 14, 2019

Colombia Rose in the Connectedness Ranking
El Nuevo Siglo
February 14, 2019

The World is Not as Globalized as We Think (in French)
Les Echos
February 14, 2019

Bahrain Ranked Third for Global Connectedness in MENA Region
Bahrain News
February 14, 2019

UAE Up at 5th in Connectedness Index
Khaleej Times
February 14, 2019

Globalization and Immigration: Between the Record and Overestimation (in Spanish)
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February 14, 2019

DHL Global Connectedness Index: Globalization Hits New Record High
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February 14, 2019

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February 13, 2019

The US is Less Connected than Bulgaria, and Other Globalization Surprises
February 13, 2019

Netherlands Most Internationally Connected Country in the World (in Dutch)
Nieuwsblad Transport
February 13, 2019

Ranking: Poland is More Globalized than Japan and Canada (in Polish)
February 13, 2019

Brazil is the 58th Most Connected Country According to DHL's Global Connectedness Report (in Portuguese)
E-Commerce News
February 13, 2019

DHL: Poland is 36 in Terms of Globalization (in Polish)
February 13, 2019

Globalisation 'Too Big to Fail', and Brexit and Trump Haven't Dented Trade Either
The Load Star
February 13, 2019

Globalization Can Still Expand (in German)
General-Anzeiger (Bonn)
February 12, 2019

Portugal Falls in the Ranking of Globalization (in Portuguese)
February 12, 2019

Portugal is the 35th Most Globalized Country in the World (in Portuguese)
Jornal Económico
February 12, 2019

Colombia Climbs Four Places in the Index of Connectedness (in Spanish)
February 12, 2019

Globalization Trend Remains Strong but Policy Decisions Threaten Momentum
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February 12, 2019

Netherlands and Singapore the Most Connected Nations
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February 12, 2019

Global Connections Continue to Grow
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