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Part-time MBA | Student Organizations & Leadership

Orientation and the Cohort/Block system

At the mandatory Langone LAB orientation, incoming Langone MBA students join their cohorts (Blocks) for the first time. Langone students are organized into blocks (consisting of around 60 students) and elect two block leaders to represent them and help organize community-building activities. Block leaders also work with Academic Affairs to help share program information with their groups. As a student, you will typically take your first core classes with your Block.

Details on Langone LAB can be found on the Academics - Orientation section of the website.

Student Clubs and Government

Despite demanding schedules and multiple responsibilities, Langone MBAs participate and take on leadership roles in student government and the over 40 professional, affinity, and special interest clubs at Stern. 

Online/Modular students should note that many of these activities and services are only available live and in person versus online or remotely. So at this time, there are limitations on what can be done online with respect to the student experience outside the classroom.

Langone Student Government (LSG)

Langone Student Government (LSG) works within the Stern Student Government (SGov) to represent the interests of Langone Part-time MBA students, strengthen community ties, and to promote their involvement in all aspects of Stern life.

Langone Retreat is an annual event orchestrated by the Langone Student Government. Langone Retreat typically takes place during early October in Hawley, Penn., at Woodloch Resort. It's a fun-filled weekend to give new and returning classmates the opportunity to bond over a scavenger hunt, costume party, and other activities provided on site.

Professional Clubs 

Professional clubs provide forums for students to hear from business leaders and offer opportunities that leverage Stern's New York City location and NYU's global network.
  • Emerging Markets Association 
  • Entrepreneurship and Startup Association 
  • Graduate Finance Association 
  • Graduate Marketing Association 
  • Luxury & Retail Club 
  • Management Consulting Association 
  • Entertainment Media and Sports Association 
  • Stern Technology Association 
  • Real Estate Club 
  • Stern Business Analytics Club 
  • Stern Energy & Infrastructure Club 
  • Stern FinTech Association 
  • Stern Investment Management & Research 
  • Social Impact and Sustainability Association 
  • Stern Management & Strategy Club 
  • Stern Healthcare Association 
  • Stern Private Equity/Venture Capital Club 

Affinity Clubs

Affinity clubs serve as professional, educational, and social forums and celebrate the student body's diversity, cultural backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Asian Business Society 
  • Association of Hispanic & Black Business Students 
  • European Business Society 
  • Jewish Student Association 
  • Latin American Business Association 
  • Military Veterans Club 
  • OutClass 
  • South Asian Business Association  
  • Stern in Africa 
  • Stern Women in Business 

Special Interest Clubs

Special Interest clubs foster community at Stern through events that combine educational & social engagement.
  • CannaBusiness
  • Stern Showcase 
  • SpeechMasters  
  • Stern Adventures
  • Stern Cellar 
  • Arts, Culture, and Cuisine 
  • Stern Follies 
  • Stern Partners 
  • Stern Opportunity (newspaper) 
  • The Adam Smith Society 
  • Stern Policy Forum 

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs leverage the NYU Stern pride in a fun and competitive manner through intramural activities.
  • Stern Hoops
  • Stern Golf Club
  • Stern Gridiron 
  • Stern Soccer Club 
  • Stern Softball Club