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Part-time MBA | Scholarships, Awards & Fellowships

Scholarships, Awards & Fellowships

Currently, scholarships are not available to Part-time MBA students at the time of admission. Some Stern students receive aid from external sources such as philanthropic or professional organizations. A resources page of external funding opportunities can be found on the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website.

Part-time MBA students who have completed at least 30 of the 60 credits at Stern are eligible to be considered for scholarships in the form of donor awards. Donor awards are merit-based and are awarded by NYU Stern Graduate Financial Aid in the Fall semester based on the criteria established by Stern donors. As the selection process takes place each fall, students must have completed 30 credits by the end of the prior spring semester in order to be considered. The awarded funds can be used to cover tuition only. Typically, no application is necessary, and all eligible students are considered.

For more information on donor awards, please visit the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website.

Teaching Fellowships & Graduate Fellowships

After completing 9 credits, students may apply to work as a teaching fellow or graduate fellow, earning up to $8,000 in tuition remission per semester. A limited number of positions are available across Stern's academic departments and administrative offices.

For more information on teaching and graduate fellowships, please visit the Stern Graduate Financial Aid website.