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Part-time MBA | Contact a Student

Contact a Student

Our current student Graduate Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about the program and share their experiences with you.

We invite you to contact them at

Please direct all questions about the admissions process or application requirements to the MBA Admissions Office directly at

To learn more about the student experience, you can also visit our Student Voices page.

Regina Thomas profile picture

Regina Thomas

Employer: Bank of America
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Club Involvement: Former VP of Langone Stern Women in Business
Part-time MBA Specializations: Strategy 

What do you like best about Stern?
I really love the diversity in my cohort. There are people from all different backgrounds with respect to both ethnicity and career path. Being part of such a diverse class has really opened my eyes and made me more of a well-rounded business professional.

Donald Coughlan's profile picture

Donald Coughlan

Employer: Citigroup
Hometown: Mantua, NJ
Club Involvement: First-Year AVP of Langone Student Government, Spring 2022 Red Block Leader, Member of Graduate Finance Association
Part-time MBA specialization: Finance, Real Estate, Entertainment and Media

Why did you choose to attend Stern?
I decided to attend Stern because of the flexibility of the part-time program and the amazing faculty that teaches the courses.

Cecilia Corzo-araoz profile picture

Cecilia Corzo-Araoz

Employer: Boston Consulting Group
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Club Involvement: Co-VP of Langone AHBBS (Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students), former Co-VP of IDBE for Langone Student Government, former VP of Langone Stern Adventure
Part-time MBA Specialization: Finance and Brand Management

Why did you choose to attend Stern?
I chose to attend NYU Stern because they are at the intersection of: highest program quality, outstanding faculty and time flexibility.

Katherine Collins profile picture

Katie Collins

Employer: Campari Group
Hometown: Hillsdale, NJ
Club Involvement: VP of Communications for Langone Student Government, Spring 2022 Orange Block Leader
Part-time MBA Specializations: Strategy and Global Business

What do you like best about Stern?
My favorite part of the program is the sense of community. I truly feel that I have learned as much from my peers as I have from my professors.

Shira Solomon's profile picture

Shira Solomon

Employer: Robinhood Markets, Inc. 
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Club Involvement: Fall'22 Navy Block Leader, Langone Student Government AVP of Online Students, Member of Stern Women in Business  
Specializations: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Strategy 
What do you like best about Stern? The caliber of students, professors, and resources at Stern have surpassed all expectations. I have loved being able to meet so many incredible new people and be exposed to so many amazing opportunities and experiences - there is so much to take advantage of! 

Why did you choose to attend Stern? The quality of the education paired with the flexibility and sophistication of the online / modular program.