Experiential Learning

The Office of Student Engagement runs a range of programs that expand your perspective and explore your potential to create value for the world through business. Taking advantage of Stern’s location at the center of global business, the Office of Student Engagement connects you with opportunities to tackle real business challenges and to transform ideas into action that makes an impact on a broad scale. Programs include:
  • Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) - The Stern Consulting Corps (SCC) is a hands-on experiential learning opportunity that allows students to work in teams to tackle a business issue or opportunity for a client while applying in real time the key steps of the consulting process and the core MBA skills they are learning in the classroom. Taught by top NYU Stern faculty, students concurrently enroll in "Consulting Practice: Process and Problem Solving" course while simultaneously working on their live SCC project, allowing them to seamlessly integrate knowledge with practice and leave the experience confident in their problem solving abilities.
  • Stern Signature Projects - Stern Signature Projects provide specifically tailored opportunities for students to extend their MBA education beyond the classroom by deepening their understanding and engagement with a specific subject, idea and/or industry. Past Stern Signature Project teams have partnered with leading NYU faculty on cutting-edge research to help solve real-world problems and supported entrepreneurs domestically and in developing countries across a range of industries.  Stern Signature Projects offer a tremendous opportunity for students to take even greater personal ownership of their educational and professional development at Stern.
  • Board Fellows Program - Select students serve on the boards of NYC-based nonprofit organizations for nine-month fellowships. Fellows act as non-voting members, work on committees and complete a strategic project for the board. Board Fellows partners have included the Alzheimer's Association of New York, The Fresh Air Fund and Grow NYC.