Law and Business

The Law and Business specialization at NYU Stern is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to prepare exceptional students and practitioners to pursue high-level careers at the intersection of law and business. By offering the most comprehensive range of law and business courses and programmatic options NYU capitalizes on its exceptional faculty in both disciplines, preparing individuals for evolving leadership challenges.

Sample Courses:

  • Law and Business of Corporate Turnarounds and Leadership
  • Law and Business of Corporate Governance
  • Law and Business Social Enterprise
  • Negotiating Complex Transactions: Law and Business
  • Law and Business of Human Rights
  • Law and Business of Investment Banking
  • Restructuring Firms and Industries: Law and Business
  • Law and Economics of Municipal Governance Seminar

Especially Applicable to Careers in Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Finance and Real Estate such as:

  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Finance
  • Government
  • Management
  • Real Estate Finance