The Executive MBA faculty members at Stern are carefully hand-picked among 10 academic departments, 13 research centers and initiatives, and a cadre of entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives from large corporations. They are among the most globally recognized thought leaders in the world for their research, teaching and real-world influence. Stern professors place a premium on teaching Executive MBA students, who bring insight and vast industry experience to the classroom. Faculty members are academically demanding yet approachable and accessible. Conversations that begin in the classroom continue well beyond graduation.

Explore the depth and breadth of Executive MBA faculty excellence with a look at our Executive MBA faculty by discipline.  
Ilan Guttman
Ajay Maindiratta
Joshua Ronen
Julian Yeo
Business & Society
Bruce Buchanan
Sam Liss
Alison Taylor
Tensie Whelan
Clifford Bleustein
Simon Bowmaker
Joseph Foudy
Arthur R. Kroeber
Dick Berner
Ian D'Souza
James Finch
Anthony Lynch
Joseph Sarachek
Alexi Savov
Anjolein Schmeits
Philipp Schnabl
Bob Semmens
James Stolpestad
David Yermack
Information Systems
Anindya Ghose
Alexander Tuzhilin
Management & Organizations
Steven Blader
James Donofrio
Helio Fred Garcia
Lynn Gonsor
Brian Hanssen
Deepak Hegde
R. Kabaliswaran
Anat Lechner
Sonia Marciano
Steve Mellas
Elizabeth Morrison
Glenn Okun
Nathan Pettit
Robert Salomon
Robert Seamans
Zur Shapira
Mark Sirower
Adam Alter
Bryan Bollinger
Jeff Carr
Jamyn Edis
Paul Hardart
Stew Krentzman
Geeta Menon
Operations Management
Lucius Riccio
Jiawei Zhang
Other Inter-Area Teaching
Lisa Coleman
Kathleen DeRose
Gary Fraser
Dan Gode
Thanos Papadimitriou
Chris Van Bergen
Rohit Deo
Cyrus Mohebbi
Aaron Tenenbein