Teaching & Graduate Fellowships

What are Teaching & Graduate Fellowships?

Stern offers teaching fellowship (TF) and graduate fellowship (GF) positions to qualified Graduate Stern students. These fellowship positions provide students with an opportunity to add value to the school and to effect change. Moreover, they enable the participant to assist other students attending Stern in both the graduate and undergraduate programs. In order to participate, students must have:

  • Completed at least 9 credits at Stern
  • Be in good academic standing (GPA at least 3.0)
  • Be enrolled in the semester of appointment
International students: Please note that International students on an F-1 visa may work as Teaching or Graduate Fellows, however, International students on an H-1B visa holders may not work in these positions.

Please note that there are many positions, and a selection process by administrators and faculty members may be necessary. For a comprehensive listing of positions as well as detailed information, please visit the Student Jobs website.