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Callen Anthony

To question or accept? How status differences influence responses to new epistemic technologies in knowledge work.     Academy of Management Review

Beth Bechky 
Daisy Chung

Latitude or latent control? How occupational embeddedness and control shape emergent coordination Administrative Science Quarterly

Esther Leibel
Tim Hallett
Beth Bechky 

Meaning at the source: The dynamics of field formation in institutional research Academy of Management Annals

Kimberly D. Elsbach
Beth Bechky 

How observers assess women who cry in professional work contexts     Academy of Management Discoveries

Erik Aadland
Gino Cattani

The Social Structure of Consecration in Cultural Fields: The Influence of Status and Social Distance in Audience-Candidate Evaluative Processes Research in the Sociology of Organizations

Gino Cattani

Competitive Sensemaking in Value Creation and Capture Strategy Science

Joost Rietveld
J.P. Eggers

Demand Heterogeneity in Platform Markets: Implications for Complementors Organization Science

J.P. Eggers

Motivation and Ability? A Behavioral Perspective on the Pursuit of Radical Invention in Multi-Technology Incumbents Academy of Management Journal

J.P. Eggers

Incumbent Adaptation to Technological Change: The Past, Present, and Future of Research on Heterogeneous Incumbent Response Academy of Management Annals

Jerker Denrell
Christina Fang
Chengwei Liu

In Search of Behavioral Opportunities from Misattribution of Luck Academy of Management Review

Christina Fang
Jason Kim

The Power and Limits of Modularity: A Replication and Reconciliation

Strategic Management Journal

Deepak Hegde
Hong Luo

Patent publication and the market for ideas

Management Science

Christopher To
Gavin Kilduff
Lisa Ordoñez
Maurice E. Schweitzer
Going for it on fourth down: Rivalry increases risktaking, physiological arousal, and promotion focus Academy of Management Journal

Brian E. Pike
Gavin Kilduff
Adam Galinsky 

The long shadow of rivalry: Rivalry motivates performance not just today but tomorrow Psychological Science

Blaine Landis
Martin Kilduff
Jochen Menges
Gavin Kilduff

The paradox of agency: Feeling powerful reduces brokerage opportunity recognition yet increases willingness to broker Journal of Applied Psychology
Matthew Lee
T. Ramus
A. Vaccaro
From protest to product: Strategic frame brokerage in a commercial social movement organization     Academy of Management Journal
Matthew Lee
L. Huang
Gender bias, social impact framing, and evaluation of entrepreneurial ventures     Organization Science

Derek Rucker
Adam Galinsky 
Joe Magee

The agentic-communal model of advantage and disadvantage: How inequality produces similarities in the psychology of power, social class, gender, and race     Advances in Experimental Social Psychology

Adam Galinsky 
Michael Schaerer
Joe Magee

The four horsemen of power at the bargaining table     Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing

Julianna Pillemer 
Nancy P. Rothbard

Friends without benefits: Understanding the dark sides of workplace friendship Academy of Management Review

Colin Fisher
Julianna Pillemer 
Teresa Amabile

Deep help in complex project work: Guiding and pathclearing across difficult terrain     Academy of Management Journal 

Sigal Barsade
Constantinos Courifaris
Julianna Pillemer 

Emotional contagion in organizational life Research in Organizational Behavior

Michael Barnett
Julia Hartmann
Robert Salomon

Have You Been Served? Extending the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Lawsuits Academy of Management Discoveries

Melissa Schilling

The cognitive foundations of visionary strategy Strategy Science

Melissa Schilling

Potential sources of value in mergers and their indicators     Antitrust Bulletin

Timothy Bates
William Bradford
Robert Seamans

Minority Entrepreneurship in Twenty-First Century America     Small Business Economics

Ed Felten
Manav Raj 
Robert Seamans

A Method to Link Advances in Artificial Intelligence to Occupational Abilities American Economic Association Papers & Proceedings

Elad Green
Zur Shapira

Hierarchical sensing and strategic decision-making Advances in Strategic Management

Books and Book Chapters




Dolly Chugh

The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias

Harper Business

Sinziana Dorobantu 
Ruth Aguilera
Jiao Luo 
Frances Milliken

Advances in Strategic Management: Sustainability, Stakeholder Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility. Emerald Publishing Company
Matthew Lee 
C. Marquis
Large corporations, social capital, and community philanthropy. In S. Dorobantu, R.V. Aguilera, J. Luo, & F. Milliken (eds.), Advances in Strategic Management: Sustainability, Stakeholder Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility     Emrald Publishing Company

Frances Milliken

Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring the Connections between Top Management Team/Board Diversity, CSR, and Workforce Diversity. Chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility: Psychological and Organizational Perspectives.

Oxford University Press

Melissa Schilling

Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World

Hachette Book Group

Elizabeth Morrison

The role of a good soldier: A review of research on OCB role perceptions and recommendations for the future. In Oxford Handbook of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, eds. Podsakoff, P.M., Mackenzie, S.B., & Podsakoff, N.P     Oxford University Press

Manav Raj 
Robert Seamans

AI, Labor, Productivity, and the Need for Firm-Level Data. In NBER The Economics of Artificial Intelligence, eds. Ajay Agrawal, Joshua S. Gans and Avi Goldfarb University of Chicago Press

K. Park 
Zur Shapira

Risk-Taking. In The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, eds. ​​​ Augier M., Teece D.     Palgrave Macmillan