Yejin Park

office: KMC 7-157
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About Yejin Park:

YeJin Park joined the PhD program in Management and Organizations at NYU Stern in 2021. Prior to her doctoral studies at Stern, she worked as a Research Associate and managed the Centre for Organisational Research at INSEAD. She earned a B.A. in Global Affairs and a minor in Chinese Studies from Yale-NUS College.

She studies the effects of play on relationships and why this matters for inequality. She has run experiments that show how play improves intergroup relationships and matters for team cohesion. She also examines relationships devoid of play, including psychological barriers that hamper people from leveraging relationships (e.g., help exchange) and mitigating pain in tie dissolution stages (e.g., ghosting).


She has a separate research stream that examines how moral contexts help shed light on how to motivate people to care about inequality (pastors, theological messaging) and when it can backfire. Ultimately, she is passionate about shedding light on how humanizing organizations can foster a flourishing workplace.