Faculty Research

Our professors publish in top Management journals in Organizational Behavior, Oranizational Theory, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. They are routinely referenced in news articles, and are recognized for their research and teaching. Here you can find a list of selected publications, news articles and awards. 


Links to research authored by Department of Management faculty are available below.

Full-Time Professors

Beth Bechky Jason Greenberg Joseph F. Porac
Steven Blader Deepak Hegde     Robert Salomon
Gino Cattani Gavin Kilduff Dolly Chugh
Lisa Leslie Melissa Schilling Sinziana Dorobantu
Joe Magee Robert Seamans J.P. Eggers
Frances Milliken Zur Shapira Christina Fang
Elizabeth Morrison Belen Villalonga Michael North
Batia Wiesenfeld Pankaj Ghemawat Nathan Pettit
Ari Ginsberg L. Taylor Phillips