Publications: 2016

Journal Articles




Callen Anthony
Andrew J. Nelson, 
Mary Tripsas

“Who Are You?...I Really Wanna Know”: Product meaning and competitive positioning in the nascent synthesizer industry.

Strategy Science

Callen Anthony,

Mary Tripsas

Innovation and organizational identity.

The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Identity

Sinziana Dorobantu,

Aseem Kaul,
Bennet Zelner

Non-Market Strategy through the Lens of Institutional Economics: An Integrative Review and Future Directions

Strategic Management Journal

Sinziana Dorobantu,
Witold Henisz,
Lite Nartey

Not All Sparks Light a Fire: Stakeholder and Shareholder Reactions to Critical Events in Contested Markets, Forthcoming. 

Administrative Science Quarterly 

Steven Blader
Aiwa Shirako,
Ya-Ru Chen                      

Looking out from the top: Differential Effects of Status and Power on Perspective Taking

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Pierpaolo Andriani, 
Gino Cattani

Exaptation as Source of Creativity, Innovation, and Diversity: Introduction to Special Section

Industrial and Corporate Change

Sinziana Dorobantu,
Bennet Zelner,
Assem Kaul

Non-Market Governance: Organizational, Collective and Political Strategies for Interacting with Institutional Environments 

Strategic Management Journal

Claudine Gartenberg,              
Lamar Pierce

Subprime Governance: Agency Costs in Vertically Integrated Banks and the 2008 Mortgage Crisis

Strategic Management Journal

Jason Greenberg,
Ethan R. Mollick

Leaning In or Leaning On? Gender, Homophily, and Activism in Crowdfunding

Administrative Science Quarterly

Jason Greenberg,
Roberto M. Fernandez

The Strength of Weak Ties in MBA Job Search: A Within-Person Test

Sociological Science

Neil Gandal,
Hanna Halaburda

Can We Predict the Winner in a Market with Network Effects? Competition in Cryptocurrenct Market


Guillaume Haeringer,
Hanna Halaburda

Monotone Strategyproofness

Games and Economic Behavior

Gavin Kilduff
Rob Willer,
Cameron Anderson

Hierarchy and its discontents: Status disagreement leads to withdrawal of contribution and lower group performance

Organization Science

Gavin Kilduff,
Adam Galinsky,
Edoardo Gallo,
James Reade

Whatever it takes: The consequences of rivalry for unethical behavior

Academy of Management Journal

Lisa Leslie

A Status-Based, Multilevel Model of Ethnic Diversity and Work Unit Performance

Journal of Management

Naomi Rothman,
Joe Magee

Affective expressions in groups and inferences about members' relational well-being: The effects of socially engaging and disengaging emotions

Cognition and Emotion

Mike North,
Susan Fiske

Resource scarcity and prescriptive attitudes generate subtle, intergenerational older-worker exclusion

Journal of Social Issues

Nate Pettit,
Sarah Doyle,
Robert B. Lount,

Chris To

Cheating to get ahead or to avoid falling behind: The effect of potential negative versus positive status change on unethical behavior

Organizational Behavior and
Human Decision Processes

Sarah Doyle,
Robert B. Lount, 
Steffanie Wilk,

Nate Pettit

Helping others most when they are not too close: Status distance as a determinant of interpersonal helping in organizations

Academy of Management Discoveries

Zheying Wu,
Rob Salomon

Does Imitation Reduce the Liability of Foreignness? Linking Distance, Isomorphism, and Performance

Strategic Management Journal

Stephanie Lin,
Rebecca Schaumberg,
Taly Reich

Sidestepping the rock and the hard place. The private avoidance of prosocial requests

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Melissa Schilling

Unraveling Alzheimer's: Making sense of the relationship between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

Barak Aharonson, 
Melissa Schilling

Mapping the technological landscape: Measuring technology distance, technological footprints, and technology evolution

Research Policy

Shmuel Ellis,
Barak Aharonson,
Israel Drori,

Zur Shapira

Imprinting through inheritance: A multi-genealogical study of entrepreneurial proclivity

Academy of Management Journal

Joel Brockner,
Batia Wiesenfeld,
Phyllis Siegel,
Z. Liu

How organizational justice scholars love to study fairness as a dependent variable: Let us organize the ways

Research in Organizational Behavior





Robert Salomon       

Global Vision: How Companies can Overcome the Pitfalls of Globalization                                      

Palgrave McMillan 

Hanna Halaburda,
Miklos Sarvary 

Beyond Bitcoin: The Economics of Digital Currencies

Palgrave McMillan