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The Management and Organizations Department is dedicated to preparing our students for today’s dynamic, complex and fast-paced business environment. To do so, we offer a wide range of courses, specializations and concentrations across all of Stern’s major academic programs.

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Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Management builds on the strengths of the department’s faculty and offers its students a broad-based education in the field of Management provided by one of the leading management faculties in the world. Students choose a specialization in one of three core areas within Management: Organizational Behavior, Organization Theory, and Strategy.

MBA Program

Our MBA courses prepare students to become skilled leaders of organizations, who understand how to craft and execute winning strategies while simultaneously ensuring that the people of the organization feel empowered and appreciated.

Undergraduate Courses in Management and Organizations

The Management and Organizations undergraduate course of study is designed to provide students with both practical skills and an understanding of the underlying theory that will make you an effective individual contributor and manager. Management and Organizations courses help students to develop a skill set to anticipate, address, and resolve the central challenges of navigating and running organizations in the 21st century.
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Other Academic Programs

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