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Andrew Nelson 
Callen Anthony 
Mary Tripsas

Back to the Future: Technology re-emergence through the lens of music synthesizers.

European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium

Andrew Nelson 
Callen Anthony 
Mary Tripsas

Back to the Future: Technology re-emergence through the lens of music synthesizers.

Industry Studies Association

Callen Anthony     Analytical tools and the practices of validation in constructing knowledge    

Industry Studies Association

Edward Chang
Katherine Milkman
Dolly Chugh
Modupe Akinola
Diversity Thresholds: How Social Norms, Visibility, and Scrutiny Relate to Group Composition Academy of Management Journal
Sinziana Dorobantu Sketches of New and Future Research on Stakeholder Management
The Handbook of Stakeholder Theory
Oliver Baumann
J. P. Eggers
Nils Stieglitz

Colleagues and Competitors: How Internal Social Comparisons Shape Organizational Search and Adaptation

Administrative Science Quarterly
J. P. Eggers
Jung-hyun Suh

Experience & Behavior: How Failures in New and Experienced Domains Affect Firm Action and Performance

Academy of Management Journal
Violetta Bacon-Gerasymenko 
J. P. Eggers

The Dynamics of Advice-Giving by Venture Capital Firms: Antecedents of Managerial Cognitive Effort

Journal of Management
Jerker Denrell
Christina Fang 
Chengwei Liu
In Search of Behavioral Opportunities from Misattribution of Luck Academy of Management Review

Jason Greenberg

What’s Alter Got to do with It? A Consideration of Network Content and the Social Ties that Provide It

Sociological Theory

Gavin Kilduff

Interfirm relational rivalry: Implications for competitive strategy.

Academy of Management Review

Lisa M. Leslie

Diversity initiative effectiveness: A typological theory of unintended consequences

Academy of Management Review
Si Ahn Mehng
Sang Hyeon Sung
Lisa M. Leslie  

Does diversity management matter in a traditionally homogeneous culture? 

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal
Karyn Dossinger
Connie R. Wanberg
Yongjun Choi
Lisa M. Leslie

The beauty premium: The role of organizational sponsorship in the relationship between physical attractiveness and early career success

Journal of Vocational Behavior
Lisa M. Leslie
Eden B. King 
Judith A. Clair

Work-life ideologies: The contextual basis and consequences of beliefs about work and life

Academy of Management Review
Colleen Flaherty Manchester
Lisa M. Leslie  
Patricia C. Dahm

Bringing home the bacon: The relationship between breadwinner role, performance, and pay

Industrial Relations
Frances J. Milliken 
Madeline King Kneeland

Navigating a Hurdles Race: An Integrative and Dynamic Perspective on the Causes of the Glass Ceiling

Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings
Elad N. Sherf
Elizbeth W. Morrison

I do not need feedback, or do I? Self-efficacy, perspective taking, and downward feedback seeking

Journal of Applied Psychology
Adrian Wilkonson 
Michael Barry 
Elizabeth Morrison

Toward an integration of research on employee voice

Human Resource Management Review
Mona Weiss
Elizabeth W. Morrison

Speaking up and moving up: How voice can enhance employees’ social status

Journal of Organizational Behavior
Michael S. North
Angela Shakeri

Workplace subjective age multidimensionality: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience (GATE)

Work, Aging, & Retirement
Noemi Nagy 
Ulrike Fasbender
Micheal S. North

Youthfuls, Matures, and Veterans: Subtyping Subjective Age in Late-Career Employees

Work, Aging, & Retirement

Micheal S. North

A GATE to understanding “older” workers: Generation, Age, Tenure, Experience.

Academy of Management Annals
Ashley E. Martin
Michael S. North
Katherine W. Phillips

Intersectional escape: Older women elude    prescriptive stereotypes more than older men

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Jennifer Carson Marr
Nathan C. Pettit 
Stefan Thau

 After the fall: How demonstrations of self-control protect legitimacy of authorities after status loss

Organization Science
Hemant Kakkar
Niro Sivanathan
Nathan C. Pettit


The impact of dynamic status changes within competitive rank-ordered hierarchies

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Hee Young Kim  
Nathan C. Pettit

A cross‐cultural review and perspective on status striving

Social and Personality Psychology Compass
Robert B. Lount, Jr.  
Sarah P. Doyle  
Sebastien Brion 
Nathan C. Pettit
Only when others are watching: The contingent efforts of high status group members
Management Science

Hee Young Kim 
Nathan C. Pettit
Laura E. Reitman

Status moves: Evaluations and effectiveness of status behaviors

Group Processes & Intergroup Relations
Byungchae Jin
Francisco García
Robert Salomon
Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Local Firm Innovation: The Moderating Role of Technological Capabilities Journal of International Business Studies
Joost Rietveld 
Melissa A. Schilling 
Cristiano Bellavitis
Platform strategy: Managing ecosystem value through selective promotion of complements
Organization Science

Belén Villalonga

Demsetz and Villalonga (2001) on ownership structure and corporate performance: Looking back and looking forward

Journal of Corporate Finance
Emilie Feldman 
Raphael Amit  
Belén Villalonga 

Family firms and the stock market performance of acquisitions and divestitures

Strategic Management Journal
Belén Villalonga 
María Andrea Trujillo Alexander Guzmán  
Neila Cáceres 

What are boards for? Evidence from closely held firms in Colombia

Financial Management

Published Books and Book Chapters
Author Title Publisher
Gino Cattani
Denise Falchetti 
Simone Ferriani
Innovators’ Acts of Framing and Audiences’ Structural Characteristics in Novelty Recognition
Palgrave Macmillan

Frances J. Milliken
Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring the Connections between Top Management Team/Board Diversity, CSR, and Workforce Diversity

Oxford University Press

Zur Shapira

Psychological foundations of organizational and group learning. In L. Argote & J. Levine (Eds.) Handbook of group and organizational learning. 

Oxford University Press