Publications: 2017

Journal Articles





Belen Villalonga
Maria-Andrea Trujillo
Alexander Guzman
Neila Caceres

What Are Boards For? Evidence from Closely Held Firms.   
Sinziana Dorobantu Valuing Stakeholder Governance: Property Rights, Community Mobilization and Firm Value Strategic Management Journal
Gino Cattani
Simone Ferriani
Andrea Lanza
Deconstructing the Outsider Puzzle: The Legitimation Journey of Novelty Organization Science, Forthcoming 
Zur Shapira
Israel Drori
Barak S. Aharonson
Shmuel Ellis
Imprinting through Inheritance: A Multi-Genealogical Study of Entrepreneurial Proclivity Academy of Management Journal
Rebecca Schaumberg
Francis J. Flynn
Clarifying the Link Between Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism: The Role of Guilt Proneness Journal of Applied Psychology
Zur Shapira
Ohad Ref
Entering new markets: The effect of performance feedback near aspiration and well below and above it Strategic Management Journal 
Deepak Hegde
Alexander Ljungqvist
Joan Farre-Mensa
What is a Patent Worth? Evidence from the U.S. Patent "Lottery" NBER Working Paper
Daniel Dongil Keum 
Kelly E. See

The Influence of Hierarchy on Idea Generation and Selection in the Innovation Process Organization Science, Forthcoming
Claudine Gartenberg
Andrea Prat
George Serafeim 

Corporate Purpose and Financial Performance  Columbia Business School Research Paper
Zur Shapira
Gino Cattani
Roger Dunbar

How Commitment to Craftsmanship Leads to Unique Value: Steinway & Son's Differentiation Strategy   Strategy Science, Forthcoming 
Claudine Gartenberg
Julie Wulf
Pay Harmony? Social Comparison and Performance Compensation in Multi-Business Firms HBS Strategy Unit, Working Paper