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Published Articles
Author Title Journal
Beth Bechky Evaluative spillovers from technological change: The effects of 'DNA envy' on occupational practices in forensic science Administrative Science Quarterly
Erik Aadland
Gino Cattani
Denise Falchetti
Simone Ferriani
Reflecting Glory or Deflecting Stigma? The Interplay between Status and Social Proximity in Peer Evaluations PLOS ONE
Daniel Engler
Gino Cattani
Joe Porac
Studying the incubation of a new product market through realized and alternative histories Strategy Science
Deepak Hegde
Joan Farré Mensa 
Alexander Ljungqvist

What is a patent worth? Evidence from the U.S. patent ‘lottery’

Journal of Finance
Gavin J Kilduff
Siyu Yu
Knowing where others stand: Accuracy and performance effects of individuals’ perceived status hierarchies. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Christopher To
Gavin J Kilduff
Blythe L Rosikiewicz
When interpersonal competition helps and when it harms: A review and integration via challenge and threat Academy of Management Annals

Matthew Lee 
Arzi Adbi
Jasjit Singh
Categorical cognition and outcome efficiency of impact investing decisions Strategic Management Journal
Gregory R Beaver
Joyce E Bono
Yeonka Kim
Lisa M Leslie
On melting pots and salad bowls: A meta-analysis of the effects of identity-blind and identity-conscious diversity ideologies Journal of Applied Psychology
Carlos J Torelli
Lisa M Leslie
Christopher To
Sahoon Kim
Power and status across cultures Current Opinion in Psychology
Christopher To
Lisa M Leslie
Carlos J Torelli
Jennifer L Stoner
Culture and social hierarchy: Collectivism as a driver of the relationship between power and status Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes,
Francis J Miliken
Madeline K Kneeland
Elinor Flynn
Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Gender Equity Issues at Work Journal of Management Studies
Jia Hui Lim
Kenneth Tai
Peter A Bamberger
Elizabeth W Morrison
Soliciting Resources from Others: An Integrative Review Academy of Management Annals
Ting Zhang
Michael S North
What goes down when advice goes up: Younger advisers underestimate their impact Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Nathan Pettit
Jennifer Carson Marr
A trajectories based perspective on status dynamics Current Opinion in Psychology

Emily M. Zitek 
L. Taylor Phillips
Ease and control: The cognitive benefits of hierarchy. Current Opinion in Psychology
Gianvito Lanzolla
Annika Lorenz
Ella Miron-Spektor
Melissa S Schilling
Guilia Solinas
Christopher L Tucci
Digital transformation: What is new if anything: Emerging patterns and management research Academy of Management Discoveries
Tobias Kretschmer
Aija Leiponen
Melissa S Schilling
Gurneeta Vasudeva
Platform ecosystems as metaorganizations: Implications for platform strategies Strategic Management Journal
Joost Rietveld
Melissa S Schilling
Platform competition: An systematic and interdisciplinary review of the literature Journal of Management.
Madeline K Kneeland
Melissa S Schilling
Barak S Aharonson
Exploring Uncharted Territory: Knowledge Search Processes in the Origination of Outlier Innovations Organization Science
Aaron K Chatterji
Jiao Luo
Robert C Seamans
Competition between Organizational Forms: Banks vs. Credit Unions after the Financial Crisis Organization Science
Evan Rawley
Robert C Seamans
Co-location and Productivity: Evidence from Census Microdata Strategic Management Journal
Zur Shapira Provocateur Journal of Management Inquiry

Gwendolyn K. Lee
Joseph Lampel
Zur Shapira

After the Storm has passed: Translating Crisis into Useful Knowledge.  Organization Science
Belén Villalonga
Raphael Amit
Family ownership Oxford Review of Economic Policy