Julia Coff

Office: KMC 7-156
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About Julia Coff:

Julia Cof is a PhD candidate in the NYU Stern department of management and organizations. She studies how changes in the way people work—changes related to the introduction of technology—change how they think about their work, organizations, and futures. She is especially interested in how such transitions can change what people and organizations notice and how they interpret it. She conducts mixed-methods, meso-level research in organizational behavior. In one stream of her work, she investigates how collective work transitions can change the way employees perceive their current jobs and organizations; prompt them to question the normative order of their work; and reshape the workplaces and organizations of the future. Currently, she investigates this in the context of the collective transition from co-located to remote work arrangements induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In another stream of her work, she investigates how the introduction of artificial intelligence to healthcare settings can influence the way healthcare providers learn and apply mental models.


Julia is the 2023-2025 student Representative-at-Large for the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division of the Academy of Management, a student representative of the NYU Stern Future of Work and Organizations Initiative, and as of 2022 is a “new voice” of the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation.